29 Weeks Pregnant – A Photo And An Update

29 Weeks Pregnant – A Photo And An Update

I’m now 29 weeks pregnant which means there are only about 11 weeks left to go. Baby is around 17 inches long and about the size of a small cabbage.

 In my last update I was suffering with quite bad anxiety and I think a big part of it was due to the thought of the upcoming birth and having to go into hospital so I have now made a decision to have a home birth.

Initially Mr C wasn’t very keen on the idea but after meeting with the midwife and being forced to watch home birth videos on YouTube he has finally come round to the idea. I have been reading the Natal Hypnotherapy book which is really helping me to start trusting in my bodies ability to give birth to a baby and I listened to the CD for the first time last night which will hopefully teach me techniques to help me relax when I’m in labour.

 Last time I knew lots about the process of having a baby but nothing about the importance of being relaxed and trusting your body. Basically fear is your worst enemy as it releases adrenalin which leads to your body working against itself, making the entire process more painful. It’s exactly what happened to me last time and now I know that, I am doing everything I can to make this time different.

I was like a recovering drug addict for the first couple of weeks last time, with all the morphine, anaesthetic, anti-sickness drugs, hormones, painkillers and god knows what else I had been pumped full of, it’s no wonder I had the shakes for so long. I just don’t want that again.

I also spent ages reading lots of posts on Diary Of A First Child about home birth last night and I found a post about herbs for use during childbirth especially interesting, apparently there is something called Angelica Root which helps to expel the placenta without the use of the oxytocin injection they usually give. There is also something called Shepherd’s Purse which can be used to stem haemorrhaging. I also discovered a Bach remedy for impatience, amazing!

As part of my birth preparation I have also decided to sort out my diet and have stopped eating sugar. I never used to eat much sweet stuff but being pregnant with Cherry turned me into a sugar addict and it had got to the point where I easily could have lived on sweet food. I had been lacking in so much energy and hated that I was living for my next sugar fix so I chucked all the sweet stuff in our house out and went cold turkey. I am on day 6 now and am finally starting to feel a bit better, the withdrawal wasn’t very nice and I was irritable, tired and had a constant headache, not to mention craving chocolate.

So overall I am feeling much better about everything. I am positive and determined for things to be different this time, and I know that even if I do have to go into hospital, things won’t be the same as before because I am so much more educated about the process.

In other news, I have my last growth scan this week and if everything is okay then I will have got away without any problems from catching slapped cheek disease which is a big relief.

Our house has started to become over-run with baby things again and I am starting to get it all sorted as I have a feeling the next few weeks will fly by!

So exciting!


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  1. Katie

    6 January

    How exciting to have decided on a homebirth and I am sure it will be the right decision for you. I still haven’t decided on my birth method yet, I am so confused about it.
    And well done for cutting out sugar- I wish I could but I just can’t, its my guilty pleasure! I have managed to not even have a sip of diet coke since I found out I was pregnant which is pretty impressive for me.
    You are looking fab too- not long till the 30’s. xx

  2. kern

    6 January

    You are so right about how tensing up makes the pain worse!! I studied hypnotherapy for my labour and managed to do it with no painkillers in 9 hours and im normally such a wimp!! Im not gonna lie coz it still reaaaallly hurt but just trust your body and go with the flow, and remember each surge brings ur baby closer. I got in the bath, closed my eyes, focused on my favourite calming songs i put on a playlist and practised the breathing techniques. I managed to stay at home til I was 7 cm and 4 hours later he was here. The pushing was the worst as I forgot about my breathing and had to keep being reminded to relax! Being relaxed and no fear is the key. Do not panic if u have to go to hospital in the end. I would def do a home birth next time. Wait…have I just resigned myself to the fact there may be a next time? lol x

  3. It seems like you are really determined to have a different and better birth experience this time, and I’m sure that attitude is going to really help you. One thing I found this time around was that I wasn’t as scared approaching labour because I had an idea of what I was letting myself in for. I also felt like I was taken more seriously by the professionals because they knew I already had a baby.
    Can’t believe how fast your pregnancy is going, it seems like you only announced it a few weeks ago, and now you’re basically on the home stretch. I’m so excited for you to meet you little man. It’ll be amazing. X

  4. Heather

    7 January

    I didn’t realise it at the time but I was soooooo spaced out after my birth. I’d had cocodamol and gas and air during the day but I’d also been induced and then had loads of Syntocin (or whatever it’s called) drip, and then a spinal for the caesarean and THEN two different antibiotics plus all of the painkillers and the blood thinner too. I just thought I was feeling elated but actually I was just plain out of it!
    Good luck with your homebirth 🙂

  5. Circus Queen

    8 January

    It all sounds like VERY good stuff! Sending you peaceful vibes. x

  6. MrsB @ Mind over Matter

    9 January

    Firstly – you look gorgeous! Secondly – well done on kicking the sugar habit!

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