Ordinary Moments #1

Yesterday was a very grey and rainy Saturday.

As much as Cherry loves going out to ‘splash in muddy puddles’ (thanks Peppa Pig), I don’t and with a baby it’s not really an option so we stayed in the house all day.

Mr C got to work cutting the rotten wood panels out of my caravan, only to discover that it is far worse than he first thought and is going to take a lot of work to fix. Luckily he is good with stuff like that so he is going to repair it all, it’s just going to take longer than I wanted it to.

Anyone who follows me on Instagram can probably tell when I’m having a boring day because the number of photos I upload tends to shoot up. They are just the photos of our everyday life but I don’t usually add them to my blog favouring the ‘proper photos’ from when we’ve done something more eventful.

Katie from Mummy Daddy and Me has started a new linky called The Ordinary Moments and the idea is to post a photo from your week that features an ordinary moment.

Something that you might not think is a big deal now but will want to remember in years to come.

So here is my photo from this week….

ordinary moments 1

There are lots of things I will remember by looking at this photo.

Cherry’s obsession with Noddy. It is so sweet how she treats him like her baby, just like how I am with J. The other day we were in the supermarket and she wanted me to buy some pink hair gel for him to make his hair look ‘stylish’! She puts him in the sling, rocks him to sleep, feeds him, changes his nappy and puts him in the kitchen for two minutes when he’s naughty!

If you look at his feet you will see where she has stuck stickers all over his feet, he is also rocking a Hello Kitty tattoo on his cheek at the moment, and it’s not unusual to see him with a hair band in.

She insisted on bringing him in this photo and kept telling me off because I was only calling J to look at the camera and not Noddy.

Neither of them are looking at the camera but she was telling J a story and he was listening intently as he does to everything she says, he finds her absolutely hilarious and it’s so nice to see, especially as it took her a little while to adjust to his arrival.

It’s an ordinary photo but with lots of memories.

mummy daddy me


  1. says

    I love the stickers. I was amazed when that as my daughter has grown she seems to have very strong inbuilt ‘mothering’ streak. My son is just completely different and I have to admit my heart melts when she comforts and sings to her baby dolls.

  2. says

    This is exactly why I started this linky. Because in years to come you will of course want to remember the days out, but you will want to remember things like this more. The way Iyla is obsessed with noddy, and the way she put stickers on his feet. And little things like the hair gel story! That’s why we blog. Such a cute photo, I wish Mads was attached to a toy like iyla is, she doesn’t have a favourite, although she’s getting more and more attached to a spotty dog called Pongo! X

  3. says

    Love how they are both so engrossed in what they are doing. Isn’t it so special watching your little girl with her first baby bing a mummy?!

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