Autumn Pictures: Such A Beautiful Time Of Year

Autumn Pictures: Such A Beautiful Time Of Year

I love autumn pictures. It’s such a beautiful time of year and it’s so nice to just get out with a camera and try to capture it.

autumn pictures - leaves

The start of a new season feels like a fresh start. It feels exciting.

Spring brings the first hot days of the year and makes you reach for your flip-flops and feel excited about the Summer and Autumn brings the first crisp days that make you reach for the hot chocolate and feel excited about Christmas.

There is also lots to look forward to before Christmas.

Halloween, Bonfire Night, Cherry’s Birthday. I also love this time of year because it really inspires me to be crafty and make things.

Last week we had one of those gorgeous days where the sun was shining but you also needed to wear you coat as it was a bit chilly, perfect for taking autumn pictures. My Ordinary Moment this week featured a couple of photos from our afternoon in the park and here are the rest.

We found conkers or ‘tonkers’ as Cherry calls them.

autumn pictures - conkers

We took autumn pictures of leaves.

autumn pictures - leaves

We found a huge Acorn tree and Cherry was amazed by the hundreds of acorns on the floor.

autumn pictures - acorn tree

And we put all our Autumn goodies in a bag to take home and play with.

autumn pictures

What’s your favourite time of year?

Do you love getting out to take autumn pictures?

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  1. Lucy

    17 October

    It certainly is beautiful this time of year. And I agree, it feels like the start of the run up to Christmas which is exciting. We have a conker tree practically right outside our front door. I’m having to put a cap on the amount that are allowed back in the house or I’m pretty sure there would be no room for us! x

    • Jessica Cherry

      17 October

      Your house should be spider free then! Although I guess after your tweet the other day that can’t be true which means spiders don’t mind conkers! Nooooo!! x

  2. Lauren

    17 October

    These photos are beautiful. We haven’t found any conkers at all, I’m quite disappointed.
    I realised this year that Autumn is my favourite season. It’s the time we get out and about more, we feel a little happier and relaxed. And the evenings are lovely and cosy.
    I love driving to school in the morning too with the frost and hint of fog. Gorgeous x

    • Jessica Cherry

      17 October

      We went out the other week to try and find some and couldn’t find them anywhere then we luckily stumbled across these! Funnily enough under a tree that we walked past the other day when we were looking! x

  3. 76 sunflowers

    17 October

    You can’t beat a crisp cold sunny autumn day really with a hot cup of tea in a travel mug. But then again I do like a nice warm flip flop day. And a freezing snowy day. And the glimpses of daffodils! I’ll take them all. But Autumn does give us beautiful opportunities for photos 😉

  4. What gorgeous photos! I love this time of year the most too. xx

  5. Mammasaurus

    18 October

    I still haven’t found a conker yet! WAAA!

  6. I love this time of year too, I don’t know what it is about Autumn that makes me feel more productive than at other times of the year, maybe it’s instilled in us from ‘back to school.’ Hope Cherry is enjoying her tonkers 🙂 x

  7. Autumn is definitely my favourite season, I love the colours and there is so much to do! I love these photos x

  8. Katie

    19 October

    Gorgeous photos and very impressive conker haul!

    I love autumn too, especially walks when the weather is brisk but sunny 🙂

  9. I love Summer and Autumn equally. I am happiest when the weather is hot, but I love the anticipation of Christmas and the leaves turning in Autumn.

  10. Charlotte

    19 October

    I love Autumn too! Fab photos! Love the one of the leaf through the railings! x

  11. Notmyyearoff

    20 October

    Love the golden leaves you’ve collected. I like how the colours change this time of year and it allows so pretty but I am such a lover of summer. I always feel like I should hibernate away the whole of winter.

  12. Laura

    10 November

    Just discovered your blog! It’s fantastic. Really like the photos in this post.

    Laura x

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