Castles and Tractors

I shared some photos from the weekend taken with my Samsung K Zoom the other day but I also took some with my big camera so now I’m back to share those.

I mentioned in the other post that we signed up for our National Trust memberships, I’ve already been once this week to a lovely local site that I will no doubt be visiting a lot each week and I’m so excited about being able to visit lots of other places regularly.

They are the kind of places that I just wouldn’t pay to get into for a few hours but when it’s free I will be able to pop in all the time so I am expect I will have made my money back in about a month.


These were taken at Dunster Castle, Tiger was trying to run and climb on all the furniture so we couldn’t stay inside for very long!





I love the photo below, the way his little foot is tilted to the side and his grumpy little face.


He’s obsessed with this pink suitcase of Cherry’s, mainly because it’s got wheels. It all ended in tears shortly after this though when he broke the handle off!


Then on Sunday we went to a local farmer show, it was full of tractors.

Tiger was in tractor heaven, there was a whole field and he was allowed to sit on them which made him a very happy boy.






It feels like it was only yesterday but it’s actually Saturday again tomorrow, time goes SO quickly these days!

  1. Emma

    22 August

    Oh wow, Wilbur would love those tractors. We are toying with the idea of national trust membership at the moment. Need to work out how much we would use it. Love his little face inside the house! So adorable.

  2. I LOVE the National Trust. We have been members for years now and we get best value for money when were are away on holiday as we can basically get a free day out every day AND know there will be a decent cup of tea and piece of cake 🙂

  3. Carie

    22 August

    I think thata why we love our National Trust membership so much – lots of beautiful places to just pop into for a couple of hours running around, especially anywhere with a big garden where I can really let the girls run and run!

  4. Such gorgeous pics….The National Trust is just great, always a good day out. Love your captures Ax
    Instagram: @littlemissalba
    Twitter: @littlemissalba

  5. Alison

    22 August

    ooh you’ve got me thinking about getting a National Trust membership you know… now THAT is a sentence I never thought I’d say 😉

  6. Tractors are a source of magic and wonder for our kids too – it must be those giant wheels. P.S. You look beautiful in these shots x

  7. laura redburn

    23 August

    aww, he looks so happy on that tractor!

  8. Double Trouble

    23 August

    Sounds like a lovely day out, I have been meaning to get national trust membership too.

    • Jessica Cherry

      23 August

      It’s great! I will have used it three times this week by tomorrow! x

  9. Donna

    23 August

    Nothing about Castles and Tractors at all…. Tiger’s face is amazing! He is the most expressive little person I have ever seen. Love him! Such a gorgeous little dude x

  10. fritha

    24 August

    oh Tiger looks SO happy on that tractor and I love that shot of Cherry with her stethoscope in the one of you three together. I agree about Tiger’s face being so expressive and his eyes! x

  11. Katie

    24 August

    We are going to ask for national trust membership for Christmas! I can’t wait, how old does that make me sound! 😉
    Gorgeous pics and i love Tiger and his pink trolley lolx

  12. Globalmouse

    25 August

    Lovely photos and we are big National Trust fans too – they are such great places for a Sunday run around and explore. (I love the grumpy shot too!! 🙂 )

  13. Laura

    25 August

    Oh how lovely are these photos and tiger is too cute – it’s so funny how boys just love tractors. I have been meaning to sign up to National Trust forever – really need to do it

    Laura x

  14. Gill Crawshaw

    26 August

    What camera do you have? Still trying to decide which one to get! Such great photos. I’ve heard so many people recommend National Trust membership; I think we used to go to one a week when I was younger!

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