Festivals, Bikes And No More Telly #LittleLoves

Festivals, Bikes And No More Telly #LittleLoves


I’ve finally got around to starting some books that I’ve been meaning to read for months (you will see why in the watched section!), these include ‘The EVERYTHING Homeschooling Book’ which just gives a background into home ed, lots of studies, resources and how to identify what type of learner your child is. I’ve also got around to starting a book called ’59 Seconds’ which is a self help book (hate that phrase!) about thinking a little, changing a lot. I’ve also been reading up on how to knit toys.


So in a very surprising turn of events we decided to get rid of our telly, I mean not our actual telly but our Sky / Freeview etc. We still have our DVD player and iPad for watching Netflix but it was really stopping me from being productive. It’s been about five days now and I’ve spent my evenings either doing important tasks, reading or crocheting which has made me feel so much better about my use of time. Plus it’s meant we could cancel our TV licence saving us £26 a month as well as not paying our Sky which was £30 a month so that’s quite a good monthly saving.

We did watch Gone Girl last Friday night though, what a freaky movie!! Pretty sure it’s put Mr C off marriage for life 😉


We went into Larmer Tree Festival yesterday and Cherry found this Belle dress for £3 on one of the stalls. There were a lot of tears when I told her that I needed to wash it when we got home though, it smelt so bad! It has been put straight back on this morning though. We are going back in to Larmer Tree tomorrow with Mr C and I can’t wait, it’s an awesome little festival, so perfect for families. I will have a full review coming up on the blog soon.


We’ve also been wearing lots of sun cream this week. Green People sent us some of their organic children’s sun cream to try, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and is free of chemicals. It dries in really nicely too and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling, something which the kids hate! You can see their full range here.



I’ve ended up putting the radio on in the car a few times this week as I’m so bored of the CDs in there. I’m not really an Ed Sheeran fan, well apart from the song he did for the penultimate episode of Sons of Anarchy called Let It Rain, it played whilst Jax was naked in bed so brings back rather happy memories! Haha. Anyway his latest song is always playing on the radio and I end up singing along to it ‘so you can keep me, inside the pocket of your ripped jeans’…


Slime! Messy but very fun 😉


I also made this bizarre pom pom bird in a cage, I honestly have no words for it!


And Lastly

On Monday we did something rather exciting, a few months ago Money Supermarket asked me if I would like to nominate Mr C to tick something off his to do list. He has always wanted to do a super bike course at the Ron Haslam race school so they arranged it for him. It was a bit of a mission doing the 7 hours of driving it took to get there and back in one day but he loved it and they sent a film crew so I’m looking forward to seeing the little video they put together. Tiger spent nearly an hour browsing through this bike book, like father like son 😉




  1. Lyndsey

    17 July

    Looks like you have had a fab time, I love Cheery’s Belle dress and what a bargain.
    Lyndsey |

  2. Carie

    17 July

    I love that suncream – my littlest two both get eczema and it’s never given them a flare up which is wonderful! And yay for no telly – when our TV broke a few months ago we seriously considered not replacing it but H made a convincing argument for sport. But even now we both watch very little – I am enjoying the cricket though!!

  3. Kerri-Ann

    17 July

    The sun cream is fab isn’t it. We loved ours. Awww she looks super cute in the outfit. Have a lovely weekend x #littleloves

  4. Jenny

    17 July

    Oh Jess so lovely… glad you are enjoying all the sunshine to it’s fullest. Looks lovely. Your princess is beautiful in her dress looks like a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Lovely captures. The kids are always doing something crafty I am really trying to do more messy play and crafts with my two but I am no good at it. lol Lovely #littleloves have a great weekend.

  5. Kerry

    17 July

    That’s such a gorgeous shot of your daughter. I keep trying to convince my husband to cancel sky, but he’s having none of it. Too scared he’ll miss out on an episode of a place in the sun xxx

  6. Sam

    17 July

    What a week! That picture of your daughter is gorgeous and the way the forest is decorated is so cool. I never bother much with the TV and we’ve never had Sky but I do have Lovefilm by post and Netflix and I watch stuff occasionally on iPlayer or C4OD but if it wasn’t for the husband wanting to watch stuff like River Monsters and Extreme Fishing with Robson Green then we could save ourselves the cost of the licence fee!! That Moneysupermarket thing sounds too good to be true – how much fun for Mr C!! Have a lovely weekend Xx #littleloves

  7. Donna

    17 July

    How cute does Tiger look in that last photo?! It sounds like such an incredible experience and totally worth the drive. Gone Girl. Yep, freaky movie! Have a wonderful weekend x

  8. What a beautiful dress, no wonder she didn’t want to take it off. And the tree festival looks adorable xx

  9. Anna-Marie

    18 July

    That last photo is so cute! Sometimes a life without a TV is better! Ours is always on and mainly for background noise, pointless really! Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  10. £26 a month for a TV license! That’s gone up since I’ve been abroad! That’s a good saving though and judging by the amount of old rubbish that’s on UK tele it’s a great idea! That photo of Cherry in her Belle dress is gorgeous! Have a great week x

  11. I love that you randomly ditched the TV – what a saving!!! I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV growing up so I think that’s why I don’t watch much at all. My Mum was so strict about it – if I had eleven kids I would totally use the TV as a babysitter! I refuse to clean in evenings (hahahaa) so I’m usually crafting, blogging or at the gym. How cool is that bird cage? and I am so glad Mr C got to the Ron Haslam race school! Sounds like a fantastic day!!! xx

  12. triona

    19 July

    Wow ye are brave getting rid of the TV…..although there is ne er anything on TV that’s remotely interesting anymore!!
    That tree festival.looks magical….bet she thought she was a real princess in that dress? We watched Gone Girl too….seriously F@#ked up!! That was nice your partner got a chance to do something fun from your blog!
    Enjoy your week xxxx

  13. Those books sound really interesting Jess, I’ll definitely be checking them out. We’re thinking of doing the same with the TV thing, but we do use it for YOUTUBE, and movies online, haven’t got Netflix though so this may be the way to go, anything to save money. I still haven’t watched or read ‘Gone girl’ really want to though, Mr T said its about a ‘Effed up lady’ lol so I think he got the same impression. Oh that festival looks fab, love Cherry’s dress too, reminds me of my YM. We have that suncream, its fab. Those activites are a must, gloop is one of my kids favourites! Loving the new blog design xx

  14. Alice

    19 July

    Ooh slime looks fun…must store that one away for when school starts again! Saying goodbye to TV, what a brilliant idea. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend 🙂 xx

  15. Such a lovely Little Loves Jess!
    Since getting Netflix I’ve contemplated getting rid of Sky BUT we are massive Game of Thrones fans and I just couldn’t miss out on watching it. I know I would be far more productive in the evenings if we didn’t have it though.
    The festival you went to sounds lovely, I really must do more stuff like that with my girls. xx

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