Happy 1st Birthday Little Cherry

This was me twelve months ago…..

 I spent Halloween last year having contractions whilst walking round the supermarket, the graveyard, watching the X Factor and listening to Mr C greet all the trick or treaters. I ate pizza and chocolate, washed down with copious amounts of apple juice. It was the moment that I had spent nine months waiting for but even so, I was scared, apprehensive, nervous, excited and clueless about what was about to happen.

 After two premature visits to hospital, we were finally allowed to stay on this day a year ago, it was 5am and Cherry was born that night at 10pm, 46 hours after I’d had my first contraction.

I just can’t believe what a difference a year can make. It has been the most life-changing year of my life, I don’t think anything can prepare you for motherhood. I thought I had a pretty good idea about what it would be like but it even took me by surprise, I didn’t have clue what I was doing when I got home with Cherry.  I didn’t know how to change her nappy, give her a bath or how to tell if she had wind. I phoned the maternity ward countless times in the first week, once just because she wouldn’t stop crying!

I dreaded going to bed, I knew I would be up all night changing nappies and feeding her – it was exactly the same as what I did through the day but at least then I could watch telly or speak to people. Night-times were long and difficult. Newborn babies take up every second of your time, I had to get out of the bath with shampoo in my hair pretty much every night for weeks so that I could feed a screaming Cherry. At the time it was hard but now it’s all over, it feels really sad. All that remains is a handful of memories.

Life is so different now, I know what I am doing (to a certain extent!), I go to bed knowing that I won’t get woken up until 5am (it was 6am until the bloody clocks changed but don’t get me started on that), I know how to change a nappy with my eyes shut, not that I’ve tried but I know that I could should there ever be a power cut, I know what I would do differently next time and I feel confident in my mothering skills. I have completely re-adjusted to my life as a mummy and I love it.

 This weekend, I hosted two parties and cooked a meal for ten people. I baked two cakes, carved pumpkins, decorated my house and scrubbed the floor on my hands and knees, and Cherry is not going to even remember any of it. But that doesn’t matter to me because my baby is going to be ONE and it is such an important occasion. Cherry knows how much she is loved every single day but her birthday is a chance to celebrate it and I am going to make sure that she knows how special she is on that day, for every year of her life.

So, this is to you, my amazing little girl.

To my little Cherry,

Tomorrow you are going to be one and as happy as I am about it, I also feel quite emotional, because of what was happening on this day one year ago. I have been feeling really nostalgic and remembering back to your first few weeks in the world. I can remember the journey home from the hospital, I watched you the whole way back trying to take in every little bit of your face. Daddy doesn’t feel emotional like me, he loved you from the moment he saw you but he said that all you used to do was cry and poo (which you did), but you were also so precious and tiny. You grew and changed so quickly and I feel sad that I don’t remember very much of it, well apart from the sleepless nights, I will always remember those!

Daddy is amazing with you, he has even started changing your pooey nappies! At the start he couldn’t really do much to help because you wanted to be breastfed all the time but now he can do bedtimes and breakfast times which means that I can have lie-ins and go to college one evening a week. He loves playing with you, his favourite game is to pretend he’s chasing you, he will say ‘I’m coming to get you’ and whenever you hear him, you scream and try to run away as fast as you can.

You have turned into a proper little girl all of a sudden. Your fringe has got really long so I have to put a hair clip in it, you have so much hair that I have to blow-dry it after your bath now as well. You amaze me everyday and everything you do fills me with an overwhelmingly warm sensation – I guess what can only be known as a mothers love. We had our first conversation today, I taught you how to hand me your food instead of chucking it on the floor, we both said ‘good girl’, I said ‘thanks’ when you handed me the food then you said ‘okay’ or ‘kay’. You can recognise yourself in the mirror or in photos and you say ‘Iyla’, you spent ten minutes smiling at your self in the mirror today! You can say so many words, my favourites are ‘baby’ as your pronouce it ‘babee’ and ‘Matt’ as you say it like me, ‘Maaaattttt’. When you want your breakfast, you stand at the gate shouting ‘brek’ and when you want me to read you a book, you come and chuck it at me! We have so much fun together and you have me and daddy in hysterics with everything you do.

You love the tombliboos, you call them the ‘boos’ and when they come on telly you make squealing noises and get so excited. We bought you an In The Night Garden sleeping bag and when I put you in bed at night, I can hear you talking to it. But the thing you do that I love the most is cuddles. You love cuddles, you pick up everything and say ‘ahhhhh’ then lie on it or cuddle it and say ‘cuggles’, you do it to me too and it is AMAZING. I am making the most of it because I know there will be a time when you won’t do it any longer.

I love you more than I could ever put in words, you are the most amazing (sorry, I know I say amazing a lot) thing that has ever happened to me and I will always be there for you. No matter what the time, problem or solution – all I want is for you to be happy and will always do everything in my power to ensure that you are.

Happy 1st Birthday Cherry xxxxxxxxx

P.S In the last letter I wrote to you, I said that although me and daddy weren’t as cool as we used to be, we were still cool. Well you had better scrap that because we aren’t cool anymore. The other night when we were sat round the table and Chuggington came on the telly, without thinking we both let out ‘Chugger, Chugger, Chugger, Chugger, Chuggingtonnnn’, so not cool! I apologise in advance for our embarrassing parent behaviour!

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  • Reply MallorcaMum November 1, 2011 at 7:10 am

    Happy Birthday 1st Lyla and Happy anniversary of becoming a mother! Your post made me very emotional remembering my little ones 1st birthday – it seems like AGES ago but it was only 2 months ago – time goes way to quickly these days! But your words reminded me again to cherish every moment, Thank-you! x

    • Reply Mum2babyinsomniac November 2, 2011 at 10:08 am

      I was so emotional yesterday! All I could do was keep re-living her birth and how different life felt, luckily today I am back to enjoying the present time and looking forward to the future. I hope I am not an emotional wreck on all of her birthdays though, don’t think she will be too impressed with me sobbing into her cake! Thanks for your comment x
      Mum2babyinsomniac recently posted…T is for……TIREDMy Profile

  • Reply Jenny paulin November 1, 2011 at 7:24 am

    Awwww what a lovely letter to your Iyla. Its always emitional on their birthday like you say you think back to the labour and those first few weeks. They seem a blur to me too with both boys although they were long and ruddy knackering!! Enjoy today because turning one is another mile stone and so precious. You have made me all emotional now!! Thats another mummy side effect isnt it – getting teary eyed over everything!!
    Anyway, “all aboard” ! Lol

    • Reply Mum2babyinsomniac November 2, 2011 at 10:10 am

      Thank you, I was so emotional yesterday, hopefully because it was her first birthday, I don’t want to be sobbing into her cake on all her birthdays! x
      Mum2babyinsomniac recently posted…T is for……TIREDMy Profile

  • Reply Chloe November 1, 2011 at 8:13 am

    Happy Birthday, Lyla! Enjoy your special day.

    I had very similar emotions when Arlo turned one a few weeks ago. I wish the newborn days weren’t so hazy in my memory.

    • Reply Mum2babyinsomniac November 2, 2011 at 10:11 am

      Thank you, I know, I wish I had filmed more! We only have one little clip of Iyla when she was tiny, you don’t realise at the time how precious that time is :( x
      Mum2babyinsomniac recently posted…T is for……TIREDMy Profile

  • Reply NotMyyearoff November 1, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Amazing post for an Amazing little girl. I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone and it feels like it watched (or read about) her partially growing up on your blog. I love how she likes the Tombliboos. My z runs off and comes back for Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy! I have gone into the “this time last year” mindset and I remember how hard I found it at first. I was scared of even changing his nappy at first. But this means we wil be pros with our second right? Happy Birthday to Lyla and her brilliant mummy!
    NotMyyearoff recently posted…Dearest 10 Month Old. Where The Heck Are Your Teeth!My Profile

    • Reply Mum2babyinsomniac November 2, 2011 at 10:12 am

      Ahhh thanks lovely. I am hoping we will be pros with the second, gonna wait a bit longer before putting it to the test though! x
      Mum2babyinsomniac recently posted…T is for……TIREDMy Profile

  • Reply Jen&Ruby November 1, 2011 at 11:33 am

    Beautiful words, Iyla is very lucky to have such a loving Mum. Happy 1st Birthday Iyla! :-) Can’t wait for Ruby’s first birthday. x

    • Reply Mum2babyinsomniac November 2, 2011 at 10:14 am

      Thank you :) It was so exciting, her parties were amazing but I was really sad on her actual birthday, kept running through the birth and how much had changed. Hopefully it was because it was her first birthday, I don’t want to be sobbing into her cake every year! x
      Mum2babyinsomniac recently posted…T is for……TIREDMy Profile

  • Reply Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy November 1, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    Awwwww, what a lovely post. But then I do always go a bit sappy over letters written to little children. I can just imagine how exciting it will be for her to read them when she is older.
    It’s funny how quickly things move on and change isn’t it? That newborn baby phase seems so long ago, it was such a short amount of time that it was gone in a heartbeat.
    Happy birthday Iyla. x
    Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy recently posted…Your Thirty-Eighth WeekMy Profile

    • Reply Mum2babyinsomniac November 2, 2011 at 10:15 am

      Thank you :) I totally know what you mean, imagine reading a letter than had been written to you by your parents when you were a baby, it would be lovely. I can’t believe how different life feels in just a year, it is exciting but I can’t help but feel sad at everything that has passed so quickly x
      Mum2babyinsomniac recently posted…T is for……TIREDMy Profile

  • Reply Mother's Always Right November 1, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    Lady, you have me all dewy eyed! What a lovely post, a really special thing to keep and treasure forever. I felt exactly the same when Frog turned one at the end of June. I was so emotional remembering how much had happened over the last year. But I think it just gets better and better. Happy birthday Iyla!
    Mother’s Always Right recently posted…This mouth was made for talkingMy Profile

    • Reply Mum2babyinsomniac November 2, 2011 at 10:17 am

      Thank you :) I was such an emotional wreck yesterday, I kept running through the birth and bringing her home in her tiny little outfit and how much had gone by so quickly. I am really excited about this next year, and I am hoping that I don’t want to spend the day crying on all of her birthdays! x
      Mum2babyinsomniac recently posted…T is for……TIREDMy Profile

  • Reply LauraCYMFT November 1, 2011 at 9:25 pm

    What a gorgeous little girl. It is scary how quickly their first year goes in even if you are awake for most of it. Hope Lyla has a lovely first birthday!
    LauraCYMFT recently posted…Music as TherapyMy Profile

    • Reply Mum2babyinsomniac November 2, 2011 at 10:17 am

      Thank you :) Haha, I was awake for about ten months of it! x
      Mum2babyinsomniac recently posted…T is for……TIREDMy Profile

  • Reply catparrott November 1, 2011 at 10:59 pm

    Happy Birthday Iyla! What a lovely chance to look back on all the changes of the last year.x
    catparrott recently posted…Should women have the right to demand a C-section?My Profile

    • Reply Mum2babyinsomniac November 2, 2011 at 10:19 am

      Thank you :) I can’t believe how much has changed in the last year. I just wish I could do it all again and film more! Although I don’t really want to re-live all those sleepless nights! x
      Mum2babyinsomniac recently posted…T is for……TIREDMy Profile

  • Reply Carolin November 2, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    Happy Birthday, Iyla! We hope you had a lovely day with lots of pressies and cake and look what a lovely letter your mummy wrote for you.

    Carolin & Amy xxx
    Carolin recently posted…Save 15% on your Christmas shoppingMy Profile

  • Reply Katie aka @mummydaddyme November 2, 2011 at 10:04 pm

    I haven’t been on here as much the last few days as I have been a bit tired and under the weather and I am back at work booooo but what a lovely post. I am sorry I didn’t tweet you Monday and say happy birthday to the gorgeous lady!! 😉 I relate to all the things you say in your letter, it is beautiful.
    I can’t believe she says lots of words, I don’t think Mads will be like that and she is only a few weeks behind her!

    Happy Late Birthday Iyla xx
    Katie aka @mummydaddyme recently posted…Giveaway: Win a Yummy Mummy Pink Lining BagMy Profile

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