How To Make A Ragdoll From An Old Babygro

I have seen quite a few rag dolls made from old baby clothes on Pinterest lately so I decided to try and make one myself. I like the idea of using old clothes as it means that if the doll withstands time and Cherry keeps it then it will be extra special.

Plus given the fact that I have zero doll-making experience, I figured that it would be easier to stuff legs and arms of babygros as they have already been sewed together.

I haven’t used a pattern, I basically just made it up as I went along, something which will become apparent later!

I started by making the head which resulted in several attempts due to it being too small or not sewn straight.

Then I made the arms and legs out of one of Cherry’s old babygros and cut the body out of one of her old t-shirts.

I had to sew it all together and then turn it the right way, but when I did that there was a little problem in that the head was too small.

I decided to give it some hair, made out of wool, this was after I had stuffed it and sewn it together.

I cut lots of long strands then tied them together in the middle, I made two of these then sewed one on each side of the head and plaited them.

This did the trick and the head looked in proportion to the rest of the body, if only the same could be said about the arms!

It’s by no means perfect but then I didn’t think it would be as I have never made a doll before. I like the fact that it’s unique and the most important thing is that Cherry loves it!


  1. Smith says

    She’s lovely! Well done! Really don’t think I could do this one without making her lop-sided and chubby but yours is gorgeous. Smith x

  2. says

    I love your haphazard making style.
    I am often like “er, it wasn’t really meant to be like this, I did this so then just had to do that, and now I have a hat instead of a cushion cover”

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