I’m Just Like You Mummy…

One of the lovely things about being a parent is when you see your child trying to copy you because they want to be ‘just like you’.

Cherrydoes this a lot lately, she will copy whatever I am doing then say ‘I’m doing it just like you Mummy’.

What she doesn’t realise yet is that she is just like me in a lot of ways, or how I was as a little girl anyway.

She’s really sensitive and picks up on emotions and feelings. Mr C and I don’t have big shouting arguments but if ever we are having a disagreement about something she gets really affected by it and will do something like throw her plate of dinner on the floor or be a bit naughty.

She also likes to have a little collection of things that she carries around with her at all times, as in she won’t leave the room / house without them and they even sleep in her bed with her. At the moment it is a certain toy and the themed books which go with it (all will be revealed in a minute!), I have actually had to go into her room at night quite a few times this week and remove four hardback books from underneath her where she has fallen asleep on them.

It’s really interesting to see the things she has been born with that are similar to me and the things that she will choose to copy of her own accord to be like me, and Mr C of course. She loves to copy him too.

The main way similarity between me as a child and her though is our love of Noddy.

The girl is obsessed, as I used to be.

It’s all she ever wants to watch, she comes out with lines of the show all the time, she carries the books around, Noddy comes EVERYWHERE with her and since buying her this….

Noddy Costume

It’s all she wants to wear!

I found her all the old Noddy books that I used to have and I love reading them to her and seeing her enjoy them as much as I used to.

One thing is for sure though, I was definitely not as cool as this when I was a little girl!

Noddy The Rock Star


  1. says

    She is so stinkin’ cute Jess, especially dressed as Noddy. Bless her! And it’s so cute that she wants to be like you. One of my friends little girls went like that when she had another baby and when she used to sit down to feed the baby, her little girl would lift her top up to breast feed her dolls too. X

  2. says

    I really enjoyed this really lovely post!

    Your little girl totally pulls of the Noddy outfit. Not an easy thing to do! :)

    We are going through a Tree Foo Tom stage in our house at the moment!! x

  3. says

    Haha this post made me chuckle. I used to love Noddy as a child as well, Mads I don’t think has seen it yet- we are obsessed with all the really annoying things like Baby Jake and Bubble Guppies- and of course Peppa.
    Mads does the same, she has a little bag and in it I find all sorts of treasures- it changes on a day to day basis, but it can be anything to batteries that she has taken out of toys, hair clips, stuffed toys, books and even the remote control. We call her our little magpie cause of what she carries about with her!

  4. says

    It’s amazing to find they absorb so much isn’t it? She sounds like she will be a lovely caring person when she grows up and that must be such a lovely feeling. She looks like a little rockstar in the last pic! :)

  5. Mum of One says

    That is soooo cute! I had forgotten all about Noddy, I loved him when I was little. I will have to try reading some to W. We can’t tear him away from Winne the Pooh at the mo, but I guess thats not too bad.

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