My Baby Wearing Experience Including My Favourite ...

My Baby Wearing Experience Including My Favourite Carriers

I’ve been planning to write about my baby wearing experience for so long, Tiger is two this year and I haven’t ‘worn’ him since just before he turned one but better late than never I guess 😉

After having Cherry I didn’t know anything about baby wearing, I tried her in one of those Tomy carriers once but it was so horrendously uncomfortable I didn’t even manage to go out with it on. It was only when I was pregnant with Tiger that I discovered the world of wraps and other carriers that were meant to be better for baby and the backs of the people using them. I’ve always suffered with back problems so the idea of having an ergonomic carrier that carried the weight evenly across my back really appealed plus it made sense to me after looking at the photos that having the baby in a seat position instead of dangling was going to be better for them.

The first carrier I tried was a Moby wrap, this is made from stretchy material and is perfect for use from birth, in fact it’s usually the wrap people begin with. It took me quite a few attempts to get the hang of wearing it properly and there is a LOT of material so it can seem a bit scary at first. Once it’s clicked it’s so easy though and the nice thing about this is that you put it on before putting the baby in so you can go out with it on and if you have to drive anywhere then you can just pop the baby in when you get there. You can also take the baby out without taking it off. It can be loosened up so you can breastfeed in it too although it’s only recommended to do this whilst sitting down (I did manage to breastfeed on the go with the Ergo though, see below).

My one tip for using a Moby is to tie it way tighter than you think. To start with I didn’t do this and as it’s made of stretchy material it would get too loose and I would have to hold Tiger at the same so the tighter the better. My favourite thing about this wrap was that it felt so cosy and comfortable due to the material being soft. The negatives were that because there was so much material it can get really warm and we had a boiling summer the year Tiger was born so I had to find something lighter. Had it been winter it would have been perfect.



After doing lots of research into the best carriers for hot weather I went for a Calin Bleu gauze wrap, it’s made out of really lightweight material almost like muslin so was perfect on a hot day. This isn’t stretchy so you have to put the baby in before tying it up and can’t just pop them in and out like you can with the Moby but there is a lot less material so it’s much easier to do when you’re out.

I loved using this wrap, sometimes I had to re-tie it to make sure I had it in the best position but once it was right it would stay tight and I used to wear it for hours. Tiger used to have all his naps in it.

The downsides to this wrap is that it can dig in and get quite uncomfortable when the baby gets heavier. I only used it for the hot months of the summer when Tiger was around 3-5 months old. It would be great for taking on holiday though as it takes up hardly any room in a case.



The carrier I went for next was an Ergo Original. This is a buckled style carrier and the one I used for the longest time, I pretty much had it on constantly for months as Tiger had all his naps in it and it was a good place to put him when I was cooking / cleaning. It can be a bit tricky to reach the top buckle when you first start using it but once it ‘clicks’ (like what I did there?!) you can put it on in seconds and it’s great for taking out with you as there aren’t any long bits of material to drag on the floor like there is with a wrap.


You can adjust all the buckles easily to make sure it fits you comfortably and the best thing about this is that you can loosen one of them up allowing your baby to reach your boob, perfect for feeding on the go!




I used the Ergo until Tiger was about 10 months old by which point it had started getting uncomfortable, I’m not sure this was to do with the carrier and more to do with the fact that he was getting too heavy for a front carry. You can use the Ergo on your back too but I just never got the hang of back carries. I either found I felt like I was going to topple over or it would trigger my back to go into spasm. I also tried wraps on my back but the same thing happened.

So the final carrier I used was a mei tai. I did a lot of research into the most supportive type of carrier for carrying your baby on your front and this was suggested and it was absolutely brilliant. It was made from really thick, heavy material and once tied up would stay in place for hours. I’m going to be really annoying now though and say I can’t remember the make of it, I bought it off someone in the baby wearing Facebook group and it was a make I hadn’t heard of before. The group is great though because you can buy second hand carriers to try out then sell them on for what you paid for them if you don’t feel it’s right, wraps and carriers don’t really loose value as people like them more when they have been worn in.



This carrier lasted me until Tiger was about one by which point I couldn’t have him on my front anymore.

So those were the baby carriers that I used and my baby wearing experience was one of the best bits of parenting second time round. It makes life so much easier when you have a toddler too and having a warm baby snuggled up against you all day is just so lovely. In fact I really miss it and writing this has made me so broody.

Have you tried baby wearing?

If you would like to know more then I would really recommend joining one of the baby wearing groups on Facebook or visiting your local sling library where you can try different types of carriers as there are hundreds of different types and they all fit people differently.

Thank you to Born Direct for sending me the Moby Wrap. 

  1. Sian

    30 March

    I love baby wearing! Like you I started with a stretchy – a Boba Wrap – then progressed to wovens and buckles. Currently I have a mix of wovens, risings and buckles xx

  2. Emily

    30 March

    I wish I could have baby worn, but with twins I couldn’t find anything suitable so it was just easier to take the pushchair. Baby looks like they’re enjoying it!

    • I have actually seen photos of people wearing twins in a wrap, one on each side! I don’t think I could have managed it though! x

  3. So many of the Mum’s in my family say baby wearing completely revolutionized parenting for them. It’s interesting to hear that you too feel like its worthwhile. Some fab suggestions here too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Carie

    30 March

    I love slings for carrying the babies around! With Kitty I had a karime wrap and then when she got so big that she would bounce in it well I walked she graduated to an Ergo and are used the same for Elma. When Pip arrived I couldn’t find the Karime so I bought a close carrier which I absolutely love. Pip has spent so much of his life in that carrier I wouldn’t be without it brackets to the point of having to strategically plan went to wash it) and we still use the Ergo for Elma occasionally!

  5. Notmyyearoff

    30 March

    i never did it with Z but I really want to try with the next one. My friend is giving me her sling so I’m going to have a go, They look so snug!

  6. Gill Crawshaw

    30 March

    Aaaah look at the photos 🙂 He’s so little! We started with the Close Caboo and now have the Ergo which I’m finding really useful for journeys (and playgroup!) Know what you mean about the back buckle, it’s tricky, isn’t it?

    • I really struggled to start with, it won’t be long before you can do it without even thinking though 🙂 x

  7. Donna

    30 March

    Sometimes I can’t believe how similar we are. I used a Tomy carrier after LP a handful of times and didn’t like it, but didn’t know why I didn’t like it. It was only when pregnant with Little Man that I started really researching wraps and carrier and realised that the Tomy carrier hadn’t been a good move at all – probably why I hardly used it! I bought a Close Caboo and absolutely loved it, I was so sad when Little Man got too heavy for it and borrowed a friend’s Ergo that I loved but then got a Boba 4G to review that was great until soon after I stopped wearing him, he was just too heavy.
    Love all your babywearing pics! x

  8. Awwwh, he looks so comfy!

  9. such a helpful post and really well put together. love the photos.

  10. Fiona

    30 March

    Ah, I love this post. I loved babywearing so much. I had a sleepy wrap (same as a moby wrap) and an ergo, both borrowed from a friend. I actually think they shaped the way I parent in a way. Love you with dark hair too! x

  11. Alice

    30 March

    I love babywearing and wish I’d discovered it with number one. It’s such a precious thing to do with your newborn. I’d do it now if I could (at almost 3 Hux is just a bit too big for this now… 😉

  12. What a fab post, and stunning photos! I love babywearing too and at the moment Elsie is still in the moby wrap-probably will be for a while too. When Bella was about 12 months I bought an Emeibaby carrier which is ready for when Elsie is a little older. To be honest, I love the wrap so much its always my first choice x x

  13. I carried/wore my daughter loads when she was a baby, until she was 1 1/2. But my son was so long and heavy, I could only manage it a couple of times. But I would have loved a moby wrap. So cool.

  14. Alison

    30 March

    Oh this is such a lovely read. I didn’t baby wear (I didn’t even know it was a thing until recently). I tried using a Baby Bjorn baby carrier but couldn’t get on with it. I wish I’d tried a wrap! I love the idea of having your baby so snuggled and close while you get on with your day.

  15. Ah, I love this sort of post. I actually get emotional seeing pictures of people wearing babies! I think it’s because I’ve enjoyed wearing mine so much! It just does such a world of good: temperature and heart rate regulation, bonding, stimulating milk production if you’re breastfeeding, freedom to go anywhere, if on your back – having them with you but out of the way, good for speech, for them seeing the world, more people acknowledge and talk to them, on and on and on. 🙂 What a lovely journey. That mei tai is beautiful.

  16. C

    31 March

    I’m a huge fan of a buckle carrier and have only just stopped carrying Amy in a front carry (she’s 16 months) – I need to master the back carry still!

  17. I wish I had made more of a conscious decision to baby wear when Belle was little. All that happened was that I ended up carrying her everywhere, but not being comfortable!

  18. So sweet. I never liked carrying my babies that much because they were so heavy, but I loved the closeness.

  19. I love these photos of your babywearing, so beautiful, and that one in the lavender – stunning!

  20. wow you look so different with dark hair! if i was to ever have a baby, i’d definitely use things like these.

  21. Lori

    2 April

    Look at you and your dark hair plus all the cutness of a baby tiger! My friend used the ergo baby and swore by it so if we ever have another one then I would give it a go! x

  22. Another Bun

    4 April

    I heart babywearing so much! It has made coping with a newborn and a toddler so much easier (and we haven’t had to buy a double buggy!

  23. Laura

    4 April

    This is a great post – especially if your looking to try different types – I had a similar issue with Mr A – we had a tomy carrier which I only used about 5 times and a Babasling which was beyond uncomfortable on my bad after 10 mins. I am now using a wrap one which is amazing and I love Mr G being in it but also looking into getting an egro

    Laura x

  24. Rachel

    6 April

    We had the ergo for Pip which I liked – I didn’t get on with the wrap I had borrowed. Next time, something to investigate more thoroughly.

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