My Week That Was #10


I drove up to Bristol today for a bloggers meet-up. Ella from Purple Mum very kindly said we could all go to her house which was much easier and a lot nicer than going to a cafe plus she had made yummy cookies. Circus Queen and Motherventing were there and also Knitty Mummy and Bishopston Mum who I haven’t met before so that was really nice. There is quite a few of us now and I think we all like the fact that we can talk about blogs to our hearts content without boring people to tears! We are planning a night out soon which will be fun.


I went to college in the evening and have completely forgotten what I did in the day, I was supposed to be writing it down as I go along but I forgot to do that too!


In the morning I went to a playgroup in a little village, they always seem to be better as the halls where they are held are a lot bigger. Then Dad2BabyInsomniacs Sister, Mum and Nephew came round for lunch and a trip to the park. His Sister only is due to give birth in a couple of weeks which is very exciting!


Iyla got struck down with a horrible fever – Letter To My Poorly Little Girl. We knew something was wrong as she had been sleeping on the sofa all day, she fell asleep with Dad2BabyInsomniac which was very sweet.

Friday and Saturday

Were spent on the sofa with Iyla sleeping on me all day. It was horrible to see her so ill but the cuddles were lovely.


Luckily Iyla seemed a little bit better so we went to watch one of his friends in a motocross race, he also competes but his bike is being fixed at the moment. In the next few weeks our Sundays will be spent in a noisy field of bikes!

In the afternoon we went for a walk in the sun, it was such a nice day. Then we came back and ate pies for dinner. I love pies!

If you would like to join in then head over to Mummy Daddy and Me by clicking the badge below.


  1. says

    Boo, sorry Lyla wasn’t feeling well but at least you had a fun start to the week, I have never met a blogger and feel really nervous about it at Cybher but I am sure it will be fun x

  2. says

    I hope Iyla is feeling a little better now. I agree with you though that although it is awful them being ill it is nice to get cuddles from them all day long. And to have a little peace and quiet! ;) I wish we lived nearer, I would love to meet up regularly with other bloggers! xx

  3. jenny paulin says

    mmm i love pies too :0
    i am so sorry about missing out on the tweet and cake up but glad you all had a lovely time. a night out will be such a laugh !!

    Poor Iyla – so rotten for you all with her being so ill, even with all the cuddle time. glad she is getting better xx

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