My Week That Was #14


I don’t think we did anything on Monday but I can’t remember…


We met up with our mum and baby friends in the morning and in the afternoon Dad2BabyInsomniac came home early so I tried (and failed) to do some of my college assignments. My brain wouldn’t work, I only have a couple of months left though so I need to crack on!


We went to meet Iyla’s four day old cousin. I forgot just how tiny newborn babies are and it made me ridiculously broody. I am having trouble convincing Dad2BabyInsomniac though! I have tried discussing, insisting, pleading and reasoning but the best I got is that we can reassess the situation in a month. But I’m impatient and I want one NOW!


We went and picked up Iyla’s toy kitchen, she absolutely loves it and I also got her a little pushchair. She loves pushing it around and it is so adorable to watch her caring for her little dolly.


We went to watch Dad2BabyInsomniac compete in his motocross race. The bikes are so noisy but because Iyla has always been around then she doesn’t seem to notice, in fact she slept for much longer than she does at home! She loved watched them too, she wasn’t really old enough last year but she is at an age where she can really appreciate things now.

Iyla woke up puking in the middle of  the night – Vomit and Twitter – so I brought her into our bed and Dad2BabyInsomniac slept downstairs.


Dad2BabyInsomniac had to go out for a few hours in the morning so me and Iyla slept on the sofa after being up for most of the night. I watched The Voice in the evening, it’s my new favourite telly programme.


We drove up to Bristol to meet up with my dad and sister. We went for lunch in the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, took Iyla to the park and then stopped for drinks and cake. It was a really nice day, I just wish they lived nearer so we could do it more often.

That was my week that was!


  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Lovely family photos of the three of you Jess .
    So dad2 needs a little encouragement in the baby making process does he?? Hmmm….mwell I wish you luck I am sure he will come round to the idea very soon (good luck)
    I can’t believe your course is almost over already – that has come round really fast! Where does the time go? xx

  2. says

    Sounds like a lovely week, although not nice that Iyla hasn’t been well. What little kitchen did you get her? I have been thinking of getting Mads one as I find the toys are all too young or too old…there isn’t really any for her age group, but I would rather get her something older. x

    • says

      I got her one from Argos, it is a Peppa Pig one but I didn’t put the stickers on it as it’s not really one of her fave programmes. It makes noises when you cook and it had a third of so was only about £30. She loves it! And it’s fun to play cooking together too! x

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