My Week That Was #17


Today Dad2BabyInsomniac and I sorted out a little ‘disagreement’ we had been having all weekend. You can read more about it over on my other blog – Leave and The Other Side Of The Story. We made up and then took Iyla to soft-play because the weather was awful.


The weather was awful again so we didn’t really do anything. I can’t take much more of this rain!


We went to meet Dad2BabyInsomniac’s sister, mum and two nephews at a soft-play centre. We didn’t get back until quite late so Dad2BabyInsomniac didn’t get home to a very exciting dinner!


I was supposed to be meeting our friends at soft-play but I didn’t realise until that morning that I had double-booked so I had to cancel. I am so useless at remembering things these days, I was using a diary for a while but I kept forgetting to look in it!

On Thursday night I put Iyla to bed only for this to happen minutes later - Moments Like These – basically a big puke explosion. I can’t believe the poor little thing has caught another tummy bug less than three weeks after the last one. She slept in my bed that night and I didn’t get much sleep at all!


Luckily Dad2BabyInsomniac was home again (he has his own electrician business but hasn’t got much work at the moment) so I had a lie-in after such a bad nights sleep. Iyla seemed better so we stupidly gave her some food. This resulted in unexpected puke explosion, all over the sofa and me. We spent all day cuddling and watching telly.

By the afternoon she was smiling again though which was so nice to see.


Iyla wasn’t being sick anymore but was really tired as she hadn’t eaten for days, we spent all day on the sofa again and then one of my friends from school came round. I haven’t seen her for ages so that was really nice.


We were supposed to be going to a fun day at a farm but the weather was literally horrendous so we decided on bowling. The bowling was fully booked though so we went for lunch in Frankie and Benny’s which was overpriced and pretty grim but I was just pleased to be out the house! 


  1. says

    Sorry poor Lyla has been unwell again, at least she is feeling better and that picture is adorable, I am with you on this weather I have had as much as I can take, come on no rain xxx

  2. Vikki @ Love From Mummy says

    Aw sorry to hear that poor Lyla has been ill again lovely but so pleased to hear she’s on the mend! Hope the weather improves so you can venture out more this week xxx

  3. says

    i am so happy that your little family is intact again!!long may it continue. i am fed up with the weather too !! i know what you mean about soft play centres and illnesses – we went through stages with Burton where he kept getting ill after visiting them. not so bad now he is older. my only piece of advice is to take a bottle of hand steriliser with you and use it on her hands often!!
    anyway, back to your week I love the final photo of her Jess she is just so darn pretty!! lets hope we all get some better weather this week xx

  4. says

    Glad things are better in your little family again, I was worried when I saw your tweets. I am glad Iyla is a bit better now but sounds like a bit of a grotty week between puking, rain and not that great food! I hope next week is a little better. x

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