My Week That Was #26

This week has been a bit more interesting than the previous few, enough to do a daily account! Hopefully things carry on this way, luckily now Dad2BabyInsomniac can move around on his crutches a bit more, it means we can actually do things!

On Monday I just sorted out some stuff in the house. Nothing interesting happened.

On Tuesday I went into college for the last time to get my assignments signed off, which means I am now a qualified massage therapist. Now I just need to do a three day course to enable me to teach baby massage which is rather exciting. I am quite proud of myself really because other than my rather poor attempt at four GCSEs, it is my first qualification.

On Wednesday we went over to Dad2BabyInsomniac’s sisters house for lunch. Then in the evening I went to pick up my sister from the train station. She lives three hours away so I don’t get to see her that often so it was very exciting.

On Thursday morning we went into town and looked around the shops. Then in the evening we went to see The Phantom of the Opera at Bristol hippodrome. I have an upcoming post about this but it was amazing.

On Friday we went to the park then came back and spent the afternoon in the garden. In the evening me and my sister went for a meal then came back with ice-cream and a movie.

On Saturday we went up to Bristol to go shopping before dropping my sister off at the train station. The shops were so busy and it made me feel ancient when I had to leave a few because the music was so loud! In fact the only thing I bought was a genius’ guide to WordPress manual – what has happened to me?!

On Sunday, Dad2BabyInsomniac woke up extra early to go and watch his friend riding his motocross bike so me and Iyla spent the day on our own. We went into a local town and looked around the shops then went to the supermarket.


  1. says

    many congratulations on now becoming a qualified massage therapist!! shame you don’t live nearer as i would use your services!!
    so many gorgeous photos Jess – Iyla is so beautiful! And what an amazing night to have seen Phantom Of the Opera i bet is was brilliant.
    sounds like a much better week all round xx

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