Narcos, Ghost Bunting And The Book Of Life #Little...

Narcos, Ghost Bunting And The Book Of Life #LittleLoves

I’m back! It’s been AGES since I joined in with Little Loves as for the last month I’ve been super busy. In fact I realised yesterday that I haven’t posted on this blog for nearly two weeks! That’s got to be a record but with having some work done to our house and Mr C having an operation things have been super hectic. I was getting up at about 5.30am to work before but my computer is in our bedroom at the moment and I don’t think Mr C would appreciate me getting up and tapping on my keyboard so I’ve been sleeping in instead. He’s up and about again now though and our house is nearly finished so now I have a mountain of work to catch on, it’s been really nice to have a break though, and get used to sleeping in again 😉


I’ve just started reading a book on living creatively without fear or something along those lines. I saw some craft bloggers saying how good it was in a FB group so decided to give it a go. If only I could stop falling asleep at 8pm I might be able to read it!


Narcos. It’s a new series on Netflix all about Pablo Escobar and we watched the whole season this week. They show clips of real footage and it’s based on facts from that time so it’s really interesting as well as being a great show. I definitely recommend it.

I did also start watching Dr Foster but after 3 episodes I decided not to watch anymore as it was putting me in a really bad mood. I’m not even sure why! I’m guessing it just brought back a lot of horrible memories for me as my ex used to cheat on me a lot, even though it was over a decade ago it reminded me just how awful it is to find out that the person you love has slept with someone else. The nights spent awake imagining it all and feeling like such an idiot knowing that people knew when you didn’t. It’s just the worst thing. I decided to read people’s tweets on the ending instead of watching it though so I have an idea of what happened.


Blacks recently sent me a Sprayway coat, I’m not a fan of winter so this year I am going to try and dress sensibly for it to see if it helps me handle the cold. I’ve actually started getting chilblains which I thought only old people got! My hands burn and itch and go bright red when they get cold, it’s horrible!



We watched The Book of Life last week, it’s an animated kid’s film all about Day of the Dead and I would say it’s my new favourite. The songs in it are amazing so we bought them and have been listening to them all week. Honestly watch this, you will be singing along by the end!


We’ve been making lots of Halloween / Day of the Dead crafts so do pop over to Let’s Do Something Crafty if you are looking for any inspiration 🙂





I don’t think I have anything to say here!


  1. I missed the whole Dr Foster thing too, for similar reasons. Those Halloween crafts are so fab!!

    I keep having mini blog breaks these days. Partly because I think I realise I want to make time for other things I love too and sometimes the blog world can annoy me sometimes. Sigh. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Natalie

    16 October

    Oh we love The Book of Life – one of our favourites! I love your new coat – I have enjoyed the last few winters with the help of a nice warm winter coat. I love pottering out, getting cold and coming home to a nice warm house. Have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. Anna-Marie

    16 October

    Love your crochet mask! So clever.. I have dug my winter coat out now, too cold to do the school run without it! Have a wonderful weekend x

  4. Ooh, Ive not seen The Book of Life, you’ve inspired me. Loving of of the Halloween crafts too, am off over to your other site now…! x

  5. Your crafts for Halloween are amazing! – such good ideas and so well done. Love the mask. I can’t believe you get chilblains? That sounds absolutely awful. I hope it doesn’t get much worse. Glad you’ve been lying in and that Mr C is recovering well. Have a lovely weekend Jess xxx

  6. Donna

    16 October

    YAY! Glad you’re back! Looking nice and snug in your new coat. We did a Twitter party when the Book of Life was released and we all loved it, such a great movie and the soundtrack is fab! Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  7. I have been watching Narcos too, and I didn’t expect to like it, but I really do. I think it’s a bit different. Although I do find it hard with the subtitles as it means I can’t blog or do anything else at the same time! I really love that coat – it looks so cosy! I am not really interested in crafts at all unfortunately, but I love seeing yours; they are always so cool! xx

    • Jessica Cherry

      17 October

      Haha yeah for the first few I kept falling asleep and I think it’s because I had to concentrate on the subtitles! And their voices made me sleepy too, so good though. The last episode was definitely the best, they always end it on such a cliffhanger! x

  8. Amber

    17 October

    Oh how ABSOLUTELY FAB does Cherry look! The picture of the two of you together is so quirky and yet so sweet; I think it deserves a spot in a frame.

  9. Not A Frumpy Mum

    18 October

    My husband has just finished watching the first series of Narcos and is now gutted that the second series isn’t out yet. He absolutely loved it and was hooked from the first episode. x

  10. Kerry

    19 October

    Yay! You’re back! I had been missing your little loves, but sleep is good so totally understand why you’ve been absent. You crafts are great as always and love your coat. You can’t go wrong with a parka! I have two and yet still want more, I think that’s down to the hoarder in me… xxx

  11. Morgana

    20 October

    We LOVE the Book of Life! The soundtrack is fab too isn’t it? The girls even made J learn to play some of the songs on his guitar, haha
    All the crafts are fantastic, I especially love the sugar skulls.

  12. Mummy Pat

    28 October

    Crocheted skull mask – love it! Narcos – loved it! Quite a Latin American theme.

    Not having the use of your office – do not love it! This is being typed as I’m squeezed into the box room among our (soon-to-be-reused) baby stuff with the corner of a cot digging in my ribs.

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