Next Home and Garden Event

Next Home and Garden Event

Last week we were invited to the brand new Next home and garden store at Cribb’s Causeway, Bristol.

It’s the only store of theirs to focus entirely on interior design and garden, it is also the first store to feature a Next Bedshop. They’ve dedicated a large part of the 31,000 sq.ft space to set up lots of beds so you can try them out to make sure you buy one that is right for you.

While we were there a sleep expert (Sammy Margo, author of The Good Sleep Guide) gave a talk on how important sleep is as well as giving us some tips on how we could improve our lives / bedrooms to aid a good night’s sleep.

I learnt that Mr C has a ‘broken’ pillow, if you fold it in half and put a trainer on top then it should pop open, if it doesn’t then it’s broken. I also learnt that I should be using different tog duvets in winter and summer, we tend to just use one all year round! Really we could do with one that has two halves each with a different tog rating as I’m always hot and Mr C is always cold.


Adele and Ella doing some Instagramming…


We were also shown how to find the right bed for our body shape which was interesting, women need soft beds that support the curves of their bodies. I checked mine when I got home and luckily it was fine.


For men it’s not as much of a problem as they tend to go straight down instead of having curves. When checking pillows it’s important to make sure that they fit in the space between your head and edge of your shoulder. If you have one that elevates your head or means your head is dropping then it’s not very good for your neck.


Tiger doing his crazed monkey impression!


The girls weren’t too interested in the talk but they did love jumping up and down on the beds!



Afterwards we were given a gift voucher to go shopping.

The kid’s furniture range is so lovely, Cherry needs a new bed soon and she was very taken with this white bunk bed.


Downstairs was where I found something to spend my voucher on: a kettle! Not very exciting but we needed a new one and the one I chose is transparent, I don’t know why this excites me so much but it does! We all stood and watched the water boil when I got home. Who’d have thought a kettle could double up as a source of family entertainment?!

The store sells a massive range of products such as decking, sheds, paint, plants, outdoor furniture, lighting, bedroom textiles, the list goes on. I will definitely be back to visit again soon.

If you would like to know more about the store then you can do so HERE.

We were invited to spend the day with Next, given a voucher to spend and taken out for lunch but all of the words and opinions are my own.

  1. never heard of ‘broken’ pillows before! i find pillows are the most important thing for me. i can deal with sleeping on the floor or on a sofa if i have a good pillow. bad ones just cause havok with my neck and general joint woes!

    • Yep bad pillows are the worst, I hate staying in hotels because the pillows are never right! x

  2. Lucy

    12 May

    I love the little garland on the bunk beds. Little finishing touches like that are so nice

  3. Donna

    12 May

    I love Next home and garden – My house would be a Next showhome if I could afford it! x

  4. jenny

    12 May

    I love the white bunk beds. So cute. Can’t wait until I can get cute little proper beds for my two. It’s always so fun redecorating their rooms. Lovely post.

  5. I LOVE that photo of Tiger! He looks like he’s having a whale of a time.
    Looks like the store is really nice too, I wish I could go. Not that we’re lacking in good home & design stores in Milan, but sometimes I miss a bit of British twee and prettyness… That little garland is to die for!

  6. Alice

    12 May

    How adorable are those string lights?! Must get myself to next pronto, my 3 year old would love them!

  7. Purplemum

    12 May

    It was lovely to see you, and exciting to see Wonder Girl feature on your blog today, cute girls!

  8. Fiona

    12 May

    Wow, I have never heard of a broken pillow before. Is it weird that this new found piece of information excites me? I am genuinely looking forward to taking a trainer to bed today. Maybe I need to get out more… x

  9. Polly

    12 May

    I keep trying to convince G that we should have two duvets, so we can have the tog’s we each like, and don’t fight over one duvet all night long!

  10. fritha

    13 May

    I went home and told Tom all about the trainer on the pillow thing too! x

  11. Laura

    13 May

    Wow so much fun – went to a Next HomeStore event in Cardiff last year and they are always so much fun and the staff are always very knowledgable. Looks like the girls had fun 🙂

    Laura x

  12. I love that you gathered around to look at the kettle! It was a fun day and has certainly given me some inspiration for our bedrooms. I’ll be heading back there at some point. Lovely to see you and for the girls to have a good bounce on those beds!

  13. Lori

    13 May

    It was loads of fun and it was great seeing you there. Glad to hear the kettle went down a storm. x

  14. abigail

    18 May

    I drove past that place recently and it looks huge! Will have to go and check it out!

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