Noddy Just Wants The Boob All The Time

It’s been ages since I last blogged a list of all the funny things Cherry comes out with so this is quite a long one, it even still features Noddy who has since been cast aside for Princesses and Barbie which is actually a bit sad. She used to love poor Noddy!

‘Do you want some bagpipe and onion juice?’

‘Daddy, get off EBay!’

‘Mummy, I’m enticed in this only life’

‘I want to play Bonnecta Ford’ (Connect 4)

‘I want some chocolate eyes’ (chocolate buttons)

‘Your hair is size long isn’t it Mummy?’

‘I need to sell this pink car seat because Noddy doesn’t like pink things anymore’

‘Tony (her name for Tiger) there’s no time to lose, if you don’t want your dinner, don’t eat it!’

‘My vitamin is in the shape of a wino’ (Rhino)

‘It’s wrapped up with a bone isn’t it?’ (bow)

‘Mummy, stop singing that silly song, it’s giving me a headache’

‘I mean it Tiger, I really love you’

‘We need some blue lipstick for Tiger’

‘Me: Tiger just did a big poo. Cherry: Yay, Tiger you’re a hero!’

‘Noddy just wants the boob all the time’

‘What flavour is this lick bum?’ (lip balm)

‘Thanks for giving me a crisp mummy. You made the right choice’

‘Mummy I’m painting the table with sparkleloid glitter cheese’

‘That fellow (Tiger) is going to eat me’

‘Mummy I’m just phoning Dr Ranj, I think Tiger is ill’

‘Daddy do you want an iPhone? Here you go…’ (sticks a dinosaur eye sticker on it)

‘Mummy we haven’t got willies but we do have computers’

‘Don’t turn this song off Mummy or I will be very cross’

‘I want to shave my head’

Cherry: Mummy I don’t want Tiger to have a willy anymore. I want him to have just a bum like us. Me: I can’t do much about that. Cherry: You can rip it off and chuck it in the bin.

‘Mummy, sometimes people just don’t know what they’re doing’

‘Daddy I want a hot cross bum’ (hot cross bun)



  1. says

    hahaha Hilarious! I love reading what kids say…I write a Funny Phrase Day Friday to share all Buba’s language mishaps and misunderstandings. It tickles me that they sometimes get the simplest things backwards and funny! So entertaining. I can’t wait until both of mine can talk I wonder what they will come out with together! Funny!

  2. says

    This is hilarious!! I love the stuff children come out with and brilliant to have notes of it like this, I must start writing down the funny things mine come out with! Brilliant post!

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