The Ordinary Moments

Every morning when I get ready I leave these two in their bedroom to play.

I love listening to them and always have a little peek around the corner to see what they are up to. Their favourites at the moment are going on holiday where they pack up bags and walk around holding hands and sleepovers where they get in Cherry’s bed with their teddies.

This photo was taken during a game of sleepovers and I just love the way they are both looking at me with exactly the same face.

ord mo

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  1. says

    They are so cute! The light in the photo is fantastic. I’m looking forward to a time when I can leave both our two in the same room to play x

  2. says

    This photo is absolutely beautiful Jess. The fact that they are playing together and also the light. It’s just lovely. I love watching my girls playing together, it gets different and more interactive every day. x

  3. says

    Oh that’s a beautiful shot – I love catching siblings with matching expressions, it’s always so funny and they look like they were having a great game – and just possibly planning some mischief!

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