Ordinary Moments #15 {Kisses}

J has been giving kisses for a while when asked but lately he has been coming up and giving them of his own accord which is so lovely.

Sometimes he launches up and comes at my face with an open mouth as if he’s going to eat me.

It’s so funny.

This is him giving me one of his open mouth kisses.

Excuse the empty photo frame in the background, it took Mr C a year to put it on the wall and it’s been about a year and I still haven’t put any photos in it! I must order some!


  1. says

    This is so sweet Jess. You can’t beat love from your own child. Absolutely precious that he gives kisses on his own accord. Took Buba 2 years to run up and ask for kisses and cuddles. lol I hope the wait is much shorter with Missy Moo. I love the empty frame too. I have one of those sitting on my fireplace for over a year too. Although I have left the advertisement in it so it looks like I am related to this hot stud muffin of a man instead. lol

  2. Double Trouble says

    Aww such a sweet capture, baby kisses are just the best. My little girl does the same she comes up to me with a wide open mouth and demands to kiss me, if I give her my cheek she holds my head and kisses me on the lips lol. I sure am going to miss them when she’s older, luckily for me both my kids are affectionate at the moment.

  3. says

    My little boy gives amazing open mouthed kisses like this too…. They are the best! He is just starting to copy me and go ‘mmmmmmmwah’ which is very cute….. Long may the kisses last! x

  4. Saskia says

    Aw this is so adorable. My little man is only 4 months old, so I guess I’m a way off getting any kisses yet. I can only imagine how lovely it will be. I don’t think he could possibly ever return the amount of kisses I have given him since his arrival though! x

  5. says

    I love those open mouth kisses! The photo frame made me giggle too as a while ago I made a photo wall up our stairs and ever since it has just been a mass of blank frames! We take enough photos, must print some! :)

    L x

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