Ordinary Moments #16

Those of you who regularly read my blog will know that Cherry and J didn’t get off to a very good start but I’m so pleased to say that I’ve finally watched the relationship between blossom.

Don’t get me wrong, she still has moments of taking her anger out on him but they have been outnumbered by moments where she is nice to him.

ord mo 16

I love the 1st photo, she was giving him a cuddle and it looks like she’s thinking ‘ahh this is so nice’ while he is thinking ‘get her off me!’.

The 2nd photo was taken at soft-play. They have a seat in the window that my two always sit in and I love the way she is staring intently at him like he is telling her the most interesting story ever.

The 3rd photo was taken while I was eating pancakes. They wouldn’t try them but kept stealing the lemon and Cherry would give some to J then have some herself before he grabbed it back off her. They are crazy!

And the 4th one was taken on the evening J started giving cuddles on demand. Cherry followed him round the room asking for one after the other and he was happy to oblige, for a while at least!

I feel like I’m finally see signs of what I thought it would be like to have two children. J’s eyes light up when Cherry does things to make him laugh and I came into their bedroom the other day to find they had both climbed up on the sofa, they were giggling like mad together and it was so lovely to see.

It’s taken nearly a year but it looks like seeing them being nice to each other has finally become an ordinary moment.


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    What fabulous photos of the two of them together. It will be great to have these when they are older and see how their relationship truly blossomed. I am so glad they are becoming quite the team now. It must of been hard in the earlier days when that wasn’t so. Lovely ordinary moments to cherish.

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    Awww, these are lovely. I’m so glad that you’re getting to see some real love and affection between them these days. I bet the more interesting and interactive J gets, the better a big sister Cherry will become. These photos are just adorable. x

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    I think this is my favourite Ordinary Moment! I can completely relate – LP often says to Little Man ‘No, Brother’, ‘Go away Brother’ and similar and isn’t affectionate towards him very often at all. He on the other hand makes a beeline for her, wants to be near her all the time, tries to play with her and stares at her like she is the most wonderful thing to have ever existed!
    I’m looking forward to an ordinary moment just like yours in the not too distant future! x

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    Lovely. Glad that they are starting to get on… sibling relationships are hard, my three are the best of friends and the worst of enemies!!

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    You definitely have the start of a beautiful friendship in theses two. Our boys have got much closer since Ollie could actually talk! I think Sammy found him a bit boring before!!! xx #theordinarymoments

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    This is lovely!! I especially love the 2nd photo, it really does look like little Cherry is hanging off J’s every word! Must be so special to see their relationship blossom, particularly if it didn’t get off to the best start! x

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    Oh I just love the cuddly photos! I’m so glad that they’re starting to get along a little better, it’s such a wonderful relationship to see!

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    I love these photos! When they do get on, siblings are so cute together. Mine seem to be going the other way as my youngest is starting to assert himself a bit more.

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    Such lovely photos! I’m so glad for you (and them) that they are starting to get on. I had the best relationship with my brother growing up (and still do at 35), although I’ve no idea what we were like when we were tiny. It must be lovely to watch the relationship growing between your two littlies.

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    I love these photos, your two are such cuties together! It must be great to see them finally get on. I love seeing how J develops too. He’s only a little younger than my little M and they seem quite alike – M is really into cuddles and kisses now too, which is lovely.

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