Ordinary Moments #5

As another week passes, Autumn seems to have finally made an appearance.

The heating is on and the Winter coats have been pulled out.

But despite it being colder it has also been sunny so this week we spent a lovely afternoon in our local park gathering up exciting Autumn finds (post coming up later in the week).

We live round the corner from this park but rarely do I take a trip there in the afternoon.

It was really lovely though, J sat happily in the buggy (well for ten minutes) giving me a chance to buy some leaves off Cherry (for £50!) and take photos, of course!

autumn love 6

lm 6 months 2

It was very ordinary but very enjoyable and I must make the effort to do it more often.

ordinary moments


  1. says

    J has the most gorgeous eyes! and Cherry is just so cute! We have a huge conker tree at our park we could spend hours there rummaging for conkers! I love autumn purely for days like this :) x

  2. says

    Oh so cute! I love spending the afternoon at the park, we’re really spoiled for good jungle gyms around here, and it’s so much fun seeing what treasure Kitty discovers in the process. She’s never tried to sell it to me though!

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