Siblings {September}

September already….

I actually managed to take my photos before the last minute this month, although I’m a bit late posting this so I am still as unorganised as ever!

I’m at a stage now where I am just so happy I made the choice to have another baby, the first year was so so hard but now they come as a pair and are such great friends.

Tiger loves Cherry so much and is always calling her to come and play with him, watching them makes me happier than anything else in the world. It also cracks me up on a regular basis.

The other day they were in the garden when I heard: ‘Mum, I’ve just sun-creamed up my baby’, when I went outside I was met with Tiger smothered in my thick, white Nivea Cream!

He loves it though and literally does anything she says.




Cherry is doing longer days at pre-school this year and Tiger is lost without her, I didn’t realise just how much she entertained him.

She is always reading to him, I love his little face in the photo below (excuse the snot!).


This photo below was taken at a car show a couple of weeks ago, those lorries must seem so big to them.

Siblings Sept 2

This month I am sending you over to Annie. I love Annie’s blog, I’ve been reading it for years, she is so creative and has two gorgeous little kiddos. The photos are gorgeous and she is also the lady behind Love All Blogs. If you haven’t checked her blog out before then go now!

  1. Carie

    10 September

    Oh they really are just so sweet together; and I can’t believe how much they’ve both grown and changed since we started in January – even if they do still seem so little compared to giant lorries!

  2. They look so sweet together! I think with my two it is definitely the littlest who is boss

  3. LauraCYMFT

    10 September

    They are really sweet together!

  4. Keri-Anne

    10 September

    They are the sweetest little pairing together. I remember last year when Mia would follow Elle everywhere she went with the biggest smile on her face but now she is bigger she is more independant, even though they love each other still x

  5. They do look so happy and close together. Gorgeous photos and I love the one of them reading together x

  6. Kriss MacDonald

    10 September

    You can see they have a great bond. Love the last photo with the lorries too.

  7. Kerrie McGiveron

    10 September

    Oh these look absolutely adorable – and I love that they read together. My three love to read together too, and watch telly, and throw food at each other, etc 🙂 Gorgeous photos x

  8. Donna

    10 September

    Your two are the cutest and I love how you said that how they are now makes you glad you had another baby. I can completely relate. I have wiped the first 6 months from my memory and the first year overall was pretty crappy with just some rays of light shining through. Now, it’s so much easier because they love each other, play together and entertain each other! Gorgeous photos and I can forgive you the snot as his face is just so beautiful! x

  9. Camille

    11 September

    So cute!!

    It’s funny, I never knew how much my older one entertained my younger one until she went to school either. I’m remembering how much harder, in some ways, it is to be a mother of one.

  10. Jenny

    11 September

    Ahhh bless them they are so precious and tiger has really grown up so much. Their age gap is closing and looks like they are a great pair these days! Lovely lovely post. #siblings

  11. Actually Mummy...

    15 September

    I remember when the Bug used to miss GG at school. He still gets low when she’s away overnight for a sleepover, even though he claims he doesn’t like her most of the time these days. Yours are sooooo cute!

  12. Oh my goodness, that last photo is just gorgeous. I love everything about it, especially that they are holding hands! Definitely one of the best bits about having more than one child is that they can entertain each other, even if that means smearing the younger one in nivea cream!!

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