Something Every Little Girl Needs…

I discovered a company this week that I instantly fell in love with.

They are called Angel’s Face and if you have a little girl I can pretty much guarantee you will love them too.

They sell pettiskirts, dresses and a range of other clothing products including tiny pettiskirts for dolls – this is such a great idea as I know that Iyla loves to do anything to her doll that she does to herself, although her ‘doll’ is Noddy, he has currently has a Hello Kitty tattoo on his face, poor guy!

We were recently asked if we wanted to review one of their pettiskirts and we had a pretty hard time deciding which one as they come in such a large range of colours and are all amazing but I asked Iyla and she chose this one: The Cupcake Tutu.

The skirt arrived super fast and is packaged in a lovely box which Iyla filled with her things and is still carrying round the house with her!

Angel's Face Pettiskirt

Angel's Face Pettiskirt

Angel's Face Pettiskirt

The tutu has been made so well and one of the things I love is the way it is so ‘full’, in the photo below you can see what I mean.

Angel's Face Pettiskirt

It is great for dancing in and Iyla spent a good hour bouncing on the bed whilst wearing it!

Angel's Face Pettiskirt

Angel's Face Pettiskirt

Angel's Face Pettiskirt

I love the photo below. Dad2BabyInsomniac had just got home, Iyla could hear him coming up the stairs and was so excited to show him what she was wearing…

Angel's Face Pettiskirt

Angel's Face Pettiskirt

I really don’t need to say much more about these skirts because as you can see they are absolutely stunning and in my opinion something that every little girl needs!

Disclaimer: We were sent this skirt free of charge for the purpose of this review but all the words and opinions are my own.


  1. says

    I saw this on your Instagram and it looked so cute and big and swishy. Not sure my niece would wear it as she’s such a Tom boy but I reeally want to get it for someone! :)

  2. Kate says

    To notmyyearoff,
    I’m 38 and have one of my own. I’ve got black. It’s amazing. The kids sizes fit adults. Get one for yourself!
    love K8x


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