The Bosinver Holiday Cottages and Horse Riding Ses...

The Bosinver Holiday Cottages and Horse Riding Sessions

So this is my second blog post about our stay at Bosinver in Cornwall, I took so many photos that I actually have another two posts coming but this one will be focusing on the cottages themselves and the horse riding session.

You can read part one here: Holiday Cottages In Cornwall – Our Stay At Bosinver.

There are 20 different cottages to choose from, the Farmhouse has 6 rooms and sleeps 12 people so would be great for sharing with some friends. There is also going to be a hot tub in there from the start of April. If you were interested in booking then you can get 10% off with the code HOTTUB.

We stayed in Buddleia which is a large two bed-roomed bungalow style cottage.

bosinver-holiday-cottages - horse riding

The main section of the cottage is open plan and feels really spacious, the furnishings and decor is all really light but with some nice pops of colour.



The kitchen was equipped with everything you needed and more. There is nothing worse than going on holiday and not having all the things you are used to at home but that wasn’t the case here at all, in fact they probably had more. There is even a tiny blender for preparing baby food. Oh and a dishwasher, a holiday isn’t a holiday without a dishwasher!

One thing we noticed was that the cottages were all finished to a really high standard from the SMEG fridge to the shower hose style tap. It felt like a real effort had been made to make sure they actually looked nice.



There were some really lovely touches when you arrived like daffodils on the table and a cream cake and jug of milk in the fridge. This was too tempting for Mr C not to tuck into despite being allergic to dairy.




The bed was huge and really comfortable, I usually find mattresses other than mine really uncomfortable but this was as nice to sleep on as our own. Both of the rooms had an en-suite, one a shower room and one with a bath.


The cottage had a really warm and cosy feel to it, it was really cold when we were there but the central heating worked really well. All the cottages in the sun have solar panels.

Then there was my favourite room, the conservatory. Perfect for catching up on some crochet.


There is a large folder full of helpful information and places to visit on the table in this room but the idea of Bosinver is that you could easily stay on site the entire time and not get bored.

The indoor swimming pool was in excellent condition and there was also a sauna, you can see some footage in the vlog that I will include in my next post (or that’s in the sidebar of my blog at the moment).


Then there is a horse riding session that is held once a week.

After feeding the animals (which happens every morning) the kids get to meet the horses and in this case give them a little brush.

horse riding at bosinver

horse riding


Then get ready to have a little ride.


This was Cherry’s first time and to be honest I wasn’t sure she would go for it but she happily climbed on and loved the experience. Tiger on the other hand wouldn’t even go near it!

horse riding in cornwall

horse riding


The only downside is now she wants a horse!

Part three will be all about the wild kids session.

We were invited to stay at Bosinver in return for an honest review.

  1. Donna

    23 March

    How cute does Cherry look on the horse?! What a wonderful experience and that cottage looks amazing – so colourful! x

  2. Fiona

    23 March

    I love the cute little kitchen, and the bird plates and mugs! I had my eye on those for my kitchen! Looks like a beautiful place to stay, I’m glad you all had a good time x

  3. Gill Crawshaw

    23 March

    The cottage looks so modern – loving the Smeg fridge. Good luck talking C out of not wanting a horse 🙂 x

  4. Donna

    24 March

    Wow, it already looks and sounds amazing. Looking forward to reading your other posts x

    • It really was! We definitely want to go back at some point 🙂 x

  5. We loved it, it’s so much more spacious than our actual home that we never wanted to leave! x

  6. What a beautiful cottage! I love how colourful it is – so often places like this are done out in such neutral colours that they really lack personality, but this is gorgeous!

  7. Emma

    24 March

    It looks like a lovely place to stay, very colourful! I’ve always wanted to have a conservatory for days when its cold outside but sunny, I bet it was the perfect place for a bit of crochet.

  8. Adele

    24 March

    It’s great that she got to do some grooming too! You should check out the home ed groups for horseriding. There are a couple closer to you and the group rates make it reasonable. So much colour in those rooms!

  9. LauraCYMFT

    24 March

    It looks like a beautiful place. That conservatory looks so peaceful. Ahhh horse riding does that to a girl LOL x

  10. abigail

    24 March

    This place sounds perfect, I love Cornwall and it looks perfect for an early spring getaway too!

  11. laura redburn

    26 March

    this place looks lovely, and i love the decor!

  12. You totally had me at a cream cake on arrival!

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