Twins, Hot Rod Shows And The White Buffalo #Little...

Twins, Hot Rod Shows And The White Buffalo #LittleLoves


I’ve been trying to read more blogs actually and have started by going through the people I am following on Twitter, I never know where to look but that seemed like a good place to start. One of the ones that has stood out to me is Dear Little Daisy, it’s full of lovely photography and sweet words plus I think her blog design is rather fab. Goblin Child is another new favourite of mine, reading about Amber’sย twin pregnancy has made me really broody. I’ve always said I would love to have twins to complete our family, I think four is a good number of children but just can’t imagine doing pregnancy and birth again twice, not that Mr C is agreeing to once at the moment! And obviously twins would be highly unlikely anyway but it’s really interesting to read about.


I haven’t actually watched anything at all in the last week (well apart from Hannah Maggs’ vlog which I watch every Sunday) as we were away last weekend. I did watch lots of people taking photos ofย Mr C’s car though, even when we were parked at the petrol station people were coming over with their cameras! We took it to a hot rod show last weekend which was actually like a little festival. It was so much fun and the weather was amazing. It’s so funny seeing so many people gathering round to look at his car, if I was him I would have gone to hang around near it to listen to what they were saying!


There so many cool trucks and cars there, I have told Mr C he has to work on a project for me next. I want something turquoise and given all the screaming that went on during the 5 hour journey to get there something like this with the kids seats attached to the boot seemed like a very appealing option ๐Ÿ˜‰



It was scorching last weekend so I made the most of it by wearing shorts.



One of Theย White Buffalo’s albums,ย we all love it and have been listening to it non-stop. This song is one of our favourites and the kids make us play it on repeat..


We made this DIY guitar last week, perfect for kids to rock out without making any noise ๐Ÿ˜‰


And Lastly…

When we were away last weekend some guy crashed into the corner of my car which was parked outside of my house, he really smashed up the corner and the bumper went shooting up the road then he just reversed a bit and drove off!! Luckily one of my neighbours saw it and the other one followed him and wrote down his registration number so his insurance are going to be sending out a hire car etc while they take it off to be fixed. I would have been so angry about it had I not known who it was though, how can anyone just do that?! And it was on a corner so I dread to imagine how fast he must have been driving. At least he damaged his own car too, we keep finding pieces of it on the road!


  1. How awful that they drove off! That’s so inconsiderate and irresponsible.

    Loving the idea of making a guitar, might have to try that with H next week!

    Was a scorcher last week, doesn’t seem so promising this week x

  2. Kerry

    14 August

    Ah those cars are awesome! What an idiot just driving off like that – yay for fab neighbours who have got your back! I love Hannah Maggs too.. I featured her in my littleloves this week as well, even got Dave hooked on it. Result! Have a fab weekend Jess, Kerry x

  3. Morgana

    14 August

    Loving the guitar and the idea of kids rocking out without the noise – haha!
    Can’t believe the guy drove off! Such a relief that your neighbour saw it all happen though.
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Anna-Marie

    14 August

    How bad that they just drove off!?!? It makes me mad just reading it! Some people are delusional in thinking they can get away with things like this! Thank god for lovely neighbours! Love the DIY guitar! Have a wonderful weekend x

  5. That guitar is so cool! You are so talented! I can’t believe that the guy hit your car and then drove off – what an absolute arse! Your neighbours sound brilliant, so glad they got his registration number. I used to go to car shows like that when I was young! My step-dad used to build kit cars, he did a couple of Spartans and a Ford Pop which looks similar to your car xx

    • Jessica Cherry

      14 August

      Oh yeah my OH built his from a Ford pop! Men and their cars ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yeah I’m so grateful to my neighbours, they did an amazing job! One followed him round the corner to get his reg! x

  6. Louisa

    14 August

    I’m glad that your neighbours got the registration number of the idiot who crashed into your car. How frustrating for you. Your home made guitar is cool. I ‘lost’ the batteries in our toy ones ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’ve got 4 kids. It is the perfect number. I always wanted twins as well but it is probably easier to have them one at a time! x

  7. I can’t believe they drove off-well done to your neighbours though!
    That guitar is ace I think little b would love it but guaranteed is end up doing all the decorating!
    Love the old cars-what a fab weekend that must have been x

  8. Mr C is so talented! I don’t know a thing about cars, but I think his looks amazing. What a idiot that person was for driving off! Things like that make me SO mad. Thank goodness for your neighbour xx

  9. Kerri-Ann

    14 August

    So upsetting about the car. But yay for good neighbours. Kinds souls. I’d be the same with those people looking at the car, secret shopper standing in the middle nodding along but secretly taking notes! Enjoy your weekend x

  10. Donna

    14 August

    Oh your poor car ๐Ÿ™ Love the shorts, I have a real thing about my knees and never wear anything above them! Covered at all times hehe. Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  11. Jodie

    14 August

    Thank you so much for the mention lovely! I’m so happy you like my blog I’ve been a fan of yours for so long now! And I love that DIY guitar, what a great idea! ๐Ÿ™‚ x

  12. @SarahAnneDG

    15 August

    I’m glad you caught him, someone did that to my car and we never got who did it so I had to repair all the damage out of my own pocket. I don’t understand people sometimes, but I’m glad your story at least has a happy ending!


  13. Lauren

    16 August

    I will never understand how someone can crash into a car and just drive off! It’seems disgusting. Thank goodness you have good neighbours.
    Mr C’s car looks incredible! I love things like that so the festival would be right up my street xx

  14. Becky

    16 August

    oh that homemade guitar rocks!

  15. Triona McKee

    16 August

    A girl after my own heart!! I said I’d love twins for my third pregnancy as it will be our last! I’d love 4 kids too, but age isn’t on my side!! Love Hannah Mags vlogs too, I’ve only recentky discovered them! Love your shorts/t-shirt! Have a great week xxx

  16. Love the car shows, we want to do stuff like this with our family, Mr T did motor cross a while back, and we love to take them out on our quad. Loving your outfit, and the guitar at the end is fab! xx

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