What Type Of Bingo Player Are You?!

When I was a little girl I can remember finding pens in my gran’s house that looked like felt tips. I was always asking to draw with them but was never allowed because they were ‘special bingo pens’.

I had no idea what bingo was at the time but as I got older I can remember going to games with her when we were on holiday. I used to love her telling me what all the different phrases for the numbers were.

Bingo has come a long way since then, you can even play it online nowadays!

 Costa Bingo have put this fun quiz together to tell you what kind of player you are.

Are you a bingo fan?

Post in association with Costa Bingo.

Always gamble responsibly.


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    Haha I worked at a bingo club for a couple of years, I could tell you some stories… I think based on that experience, the type of bingo player I am is probably the reluctant player ;) x

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    I’ve only been to Bingo once with my SIL and it was crazy! People were so serious (the pros) and we kept getting sssshhed whenever we tried to chat to each other. It was fun though! It moved super fast and I kept getting the giggles! I’m really impressed with the people that can keep up tbh x

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    My nanna used to go to play bingo with her cousin when I was little and I was never allowed to go along (obviously) but was always intrigued by it. Now I have the cool game bird bingo at home, which I’ll stick to as I’m never very good at gambling :) x

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    The only type of Bingo I’ve been in touch with is the free cards that used to come with the papers back in the late eighties – I remember my Nana feverishly crossing the numbers off. We never won anything though, ha!

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    i’ve never been into bingo at all, though i do remember in french lessons we’d play ‘lotto’ which is essentially the same thing ..but we had a board of animals and they got called out in french and we’d call out lotto instead of bingo, ha.

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