Why You Shouldn’t Take 14 Year Olds On Histo...

Why You Shouldn’t Take 14 Year Olds On Historic Trips

When I was in year nine we were taken on a ‘historic’ school trip to Belgium.

I have no idea who thought that taking a huge bunch of 14 year olds overseas to look around world war two cemeteries was a good idea but I do know that our teachers found the experience so horrendous that it was never carried out again.

There was enough drama to fill a two hour movie.

Diaries were read, hearts were broken, chocolate was stolen, LOTS of tears were shed, BB guns were bought, huge bangers were hidden in tampon boxes to try and sneak back into the UK..

I have so many funny memories and because Mr C and I went to school together he was there too so we can still talk about it. One night a group of us walked into the town and bought some alcohol which we took down to the beach and drunk, I honestly have no idea what the teachers thought we were doing or why we were allowed out on our own but by the time we got back to the hotel we were all completely out of control running riot in the hotel.

(That’s me on the left, aged 14, check out the Buffalo’s!)

Obviously looking back now I wish I had made the most of this opportunity.

I find anything to do with world war two fascinating and when the kids are older I’m definitely planning to take them somewhere so that they can learn all about it. Maybe not when they’re 14 though 😉

This infographic by Brittany Ferries has got so much useful information about places to go in Normandy to discover the history of D-Day and as they have a few crossings to Cherbourg it’s so easy to get to.

It’s actually made me really excited to go and do this sometime soon.

Did you go on any historic school trips when you were younger?

And did you make the most of them?!

A trip to remember - where to visit in Normandy to discover the history of D-Day: An infographic

Image source: Brittany Ferries presents the D-Day guide.

Post in association with Brittany Ferries.

  1. I love that you two went to school together and that you can remember those things! I went on a historic trip to France with the school, but even worse we were 10!! The only thing I remember was playing pool in the hotel whilst eating a Crunchie and spilling crumbs from it on the pool table. The boy I fancied shouted at me for ruining the cloth and I cried in my room for hours. Traumatised ever since….

    • Haha that sounds very similar to this trip!! Taking kids abroad is never a good idea!! x

  2. Stef

    5 June

    I heard so much about that trip I was always I bit jealous I wasn’t there! You guys were wild!!
    Good to have those memories and I think you never appreciate things until after the event.
    Loves xx

  3. Donna

    5 June

    I would have loved that trip, but not at 14…! How cool do you look at 14 though?! I NEVER looked that cool, or cool at all! hehe. I love your casual rock lounging! x

  4. I also went on a historic trip when I was 14, it was just a weekend bus trip though to France & Belgium (it was when we were doing GCSE History)! We visited the Menin Gate in Ypres and me & a friend may have purchased a bottle of cider and sneakily drank it out of sight… (Obviously something with 14 year olds and school trips abroad, ha!) x

  5. You look pretty trendy at 14 🙂 it sounds like a really fun trip, albeit dramatic sounding with the teen angst. I bet it’s a brilliant memory now though!

  6. fritha

    7 June

    omg Jess that picture of you is exactly what Cherry will look like at 14!! x

  7. That is hilarious!! We went to Normandy at 14 and I can remember all the girls sneaking over to the boy’s rooms and getting caught by the teachers! I can’t believe you got away with buying alcohol!!

  8. ha, sounds like the stories of most kids when they went abroad for the first time with school! i would have loved the opportunity to go abroad when i was little.

  9. Laura

    11 June

    I love this post – this trip sounds like it was very interesting and funny to say the least – love the beach story and I remember those Buffalo shoes like it was yesterday

    Laura x

  10. ha ha totally not a good idea with a bunch of teenagers! mind you i was always into history so id be the sad kid actally excited about that. think its always the same with kids all together though its far to tempting to be naughty lol

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