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13 Weeks Pregnant – Photos And An Update

by Jessica Amey

I wanted to do my first bump photo at 12 weeks but my scan dated my pregnancy a bit earlier that I thought meaning that I had already missed it so now I’m 13 weeks pregnant.

This means I’m in my second trimester which is a big relief for three reasons, firstly because it means the risk of miscarriage has reduced, secondly because my sickness seems to have gone and thirdly because this is when the most comfortable stage of the pregnancy occurs.

Baby is now the size of a shrimp and around 3 inches long.

At 13 weeks pregnant I am so pleased not to feel permanently sick anymore, I still can’t handle cooking or various foods but overall the nausea has gone. Now it’s just the tiredness and dizziness that have been stopping me from going about my usual daily activities.

I have started to get a little bump, which grows as the day goes on, I am looking forward to when I look properly pregnant though instead of just bloated.

I haven’t had any cravings yet, I didn’t with Cherry either, it’s more a case of trying to find things that I feel like eating.

Cake is always a good one!

13 weeks pregnant

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