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14 Weeks Pregnant – Photo And An Update

by Jessica Amey

14 Weeks Pregnant!

This week has been a better one, and in fact yesterday was the first day in about three months that I have actually had the energy to get off the sofa without wanting to cry.

The baby is now the size of a lemon and I’m still fairly sure it’s a boy. We have decided on names for both which happened a lot quicker than last time!

I have started suffering with really bad heartburn in the evenings, the tablets don’t seem to work and I can’t swallow Gaviscon without puking so if anyone has any natural cures then do let me know?! Please!

I haven’t been struggling with food as much this week and have been able to eat a lot more healthily than in the first few months. In fact I have actually been craving sweet potato. I’ve had it every night for the last three days!

Now I’m 14 weeks pregnant there¬†has been quite a few things on my mind regarding a couple of important decisions.

Firstly regarding the flu jab and secondly regarding where to have the baby.

I don’t want to go into the flu jab debate too much as it is a really personal decision and to be honest I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, you have to do what you feel comfortable with and for me I have decided not to have it.

I have been doing lots of reading this morning and someone made a point about how your body lowers it’s immune system for a reason when pregnant so taking something to stimulate it doesn’t seem like a very good idea, then I also found a study that contained statistics which aren’t mentioned in the NHS leaflets.

I also spoke to my midwife who said that a lot of women do only get mild symptoms and don’t suffer complications.

For me that made up my mind, there is a risk either way but I have decided not to intervene and to leave it down to nature to decide.

Just to clarify, this is just my decision, I totally accept why people would decide to have it and I would never judge anyone for it, I think it’s important to do what you feel comfortable with.

Yesterday I found out that pregnant women are now being offered the whooping cough jab to protect their babies before they are old enough to have it themselves. I am still undecided about this one as I do get really anxious when I have a tiny baby and it would worry me to think they could catch it. Now it looks like I will be reading into this for the next week…

My other difficult decision has been about what hospital to choose but I will save that for another day!

14 weeks pregnant

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