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19 Weeks Pregnant – A Photo And An Update

by Jessica Amey

I’m 19 weeks pregnant and the baby is now the size of a beefsteak tomato.

I have grown out my clothes a lot quicker this time, I didn’t actually buy anything when I was pregnant with Cherry but I have already had to buy some larger leggings as all of mine felt really tight.

I am feeling generally well but I get so tired, have been getting dizzy and my gag reflex is still extra sensitive and I tend to gag a lot! LOVELY!

I have been feeling lots more movement over the last two weeks, it’s been a lot more noticeable and I can feel it when I am sitting up instead of just lying down which is nice.

My appetite has gone again and I am struggling to eat which is annoying as it had come back, I don’t think all Spanish food last week helped! I had the same problem with Cherry and can remember speaking to my midwife about how I just had no appetite, I think it was around this time actually, but it did come back and by the last two weeks I was stuffing my face every night!

We have got our 20 week scan on Friday which means there are only two days until we find out whether it is a little boy or girl in there, I am so excited and still think it’s a boy!

It suddenly hit me yesterday that I am almost half way through which means that in another 20 weeks I am actually going to have to give birth again. Very scary thought. Nine months seems like such a long time but it goes so quickly!

Cherry is still talking to my bump regularly which is nice as I hope by the time the baby arrives she will be fairly prepared, or as prepared as she can be!

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