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20 Weeks Pregnant – A Photo And An Update

by Jessica Amey

I am now 20 weeks pregnant which means I am exactly half way through so in this time again we will have a baby!

Our 20 weeks pregnant scan was last week and it revealed that we are having a boy which I am so happy about. I would have been equally happy either way but I love the fact that even though I am doing it all again, it will be a bit different. It will be really nice to balance out our family too.

I was so sure it was a boy so it wasn’t a surprise at all but it is nice to know for sure so we can start getting things ready. I have been going through all Cherry’s old clothes and selling the ones that aren’t suitable for a boy. Luckily quite a lot of the early stuff is white so I am going to dye it all. I am also quite pleased that I bought all the garden play equipment in blue!

My appetite has returned again which is good, and I have lost that urge to throw up the whole time. I can even brush my teeth without gagging! I still can’t stand anything with a tomato based sauce as it gives me heartburn and the same goes for onions so they are being left out of anything I cook. I have been devouring copious amounts of clementines, Sun-bites and Dairy Milk chocolate, especially in the evenings!

I have started getting a bad back which is a bit of a pain, I’m hoping that the pregnancy yoga DVD that I’ve ordered will help as I think it’s because the muscles in my back need strengthening. I have also started getting restless leg syndrome in the middle of the night. It hasn’t been too bad the last couple of days but at the weekend it was waking me up, what with that, the vivid nightmares and needing to wee, I haven’t been sleeping too well but I guess it is to prepare me for what is coming!

On the subject of needing a wee, I seem to be going a lot more the last few days. I was walking round B and Q yesterday and all of a sudden felt a big pressure on my bladder, I basically nearly wet myself! It must have been where the baby kicked my bladder but it has reminded me how important it is to keep doing my pelvic floor exercises.

Baby has been moving a lot more and I feel it more like proper kicks now instead of fluttering sensations. I have also started noticing Braxton hicks contractions this week.

My nesting instincts have kicked in already and I have gone cleaning mad and sorting mad. I just want to paint and tidy and make my house all organised which is most unlike me!

Some days I have a lot of energy and others I struggle to do anything, either way most evening I find myself in bed by 9.30pm, in fact I nearly went to bed at 8.15pm the other night! I don’t think the clock change helped this situation, but as I keep telling Mr C, growing a baby is hard work!


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