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2012 DONE!

by Jessica Amey

I can’t quite believe that 2012 is over already, it seems to have flown by ridiculously quickly and if I’m honest, other than getting pregnant, I am struggling to remember what has even happened.

Which is why I’m glad I have this blog because I can now take a look back and remember the events that have happened over the last 12 months.

2012 didn’t start in a very nice way when my brother had some rather bad news on new years day – Not Such A Happy New Year.

In January I set up a second blog – The Perfect Romance Experiment – it has been completely abandoned lately but I am definitely planning to give it some love again this year. It’s where I write about relationships, mainly mine, not that it’s perfect, nor an experiment! I just find the topic interesting!

I pondered whether it was my fault that Iyla’s labour went wrong and I now know that it was. I didn’t do any preparation for it and am doing everything I can to make sure this time will be different.

In February I blogged in response to those stupid comments made by the Loose Women regarding breastfeeding – Why I Will Never Breastfeed My Baby In A Toilet.

In March I posted this video of the things me and Iyla were talking about – it has just had me in hysterics!

In April Iyla had her first tummy bug and I realised how much I love Twitter – Vomit and Twitter.

In May I blogged about growing up in Glastonbury – Round My Hometown.

Then a bit later in the month Dad2BabyInsomniac fell off his motocross bike and had to spend a week in hospital after completely shattering a bone in his ankle – Broken.

In June following the stress of Dad2BabyInsomniac’s accident I had a bit of a freak out about death – Freaking Out.

In July I went to a breastfeeding protest in Bristol after a mum was asked to sit in the corner of a cafe for breastfeeding her baby. The turn out was amazing and it was such a great experience – Why You Should Never Ask To Put Baby In A Corner.

I also turned 28 – 28 Years of ME.

And after six weeks of rain we finally had some Sun – Summer Has Arrived.

In August I made a little announcement!

We had fun in the sun…

and met the Zingzillas!

In September the only thing I could write about was my toilet.

And we also met Upsy Daisy…

In October we went on Holiday!

In November Iyla turned 2 – To My Little Girl On Your 2nd Birthday.

And her talking led to her telling Dad2BabyInsomniac to Stand On His Knees and Eat His Bloody Cake!

And most recently I blogged about LOVE!

2012 has been a stressful year due to Dad2BabyInsomniac spending a lot of it with his leg in plaster but luckily it has ended in a good way with it having healed better than expected and with a baby boy on the way.

Tonight we are going to eat banoffee pie and creamy pasta before starting to be more healthy in the new year!

Here’s to 2013!


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