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24 Weeks Pregnant – A Photo And An Update

by Jessica Amey

I can’t believe I am 24 weeks pregnant! Only 16 weeks to go.

Baby is now the size of an ear of corn, so in other words he is now weighing 1.5 pounds and is about 13.5 inches in length.

24 weeks pregnant is a nice milestone to reach as it means that the baby is now ‘viable’ so from this point onward, should he be born early, he will stand a chance of survival.

If you follow my blog then you will have read in my 22 Weeks Pregnant update that I was feeling unwell, I found out a few days after I wrote it that I had in fact contracted the slapped cheek disease virus which is why I had been feeling so rubbish. Because it can be dangerous to catch slapped cheek disease in pregnancy I have been attending weekly scans and consultant appointments at the hospital. My latest scan was today and luckily everything is still looking okay so fingers crossed it carries on that way.

It is nice having all these extra opportunities to see him in my tummy though, especially for Cherry, she brought her snowman puppet with her today and was holding it up so he could see her ‘brudder’. We watched him do a yawn which was amazing, funny how he can be tired when all he has to do is sleep!

I am still having days where I feel ridiculously tired but I guess that is normal and something which will become even more of an issue once he has arrived, it is so hard sometimes though when all you want to do is go to sleep and you have to go about your every day activities. I think being ill set me back a bit though so hopefully my energy levels will come back for a few weeks before I hit the third trimester.

I have suddenly started to feel enormous. I only have two pairs of leggings that still fit me and I can see where my lower back is starting to ‘pad out’ – guess I need to stop eating the syrup sponge and ice-cream after my roast dinner on a Sunday. I’m not too worried as I know it’s natural to store some weight but I want to keep an eye on it as I seem to be getting bigger than last time and I don’t want to end up huge! My pregnancy fitness DVD should be turning up this week so I am going to start doing that every day – well that’s my plan anyway!

Things are generally going well though and I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy as it might be my last, I know I will want more children in future but for financial reasons I know that two is the sensible option. I use the word ‘trying’ though because pregnancy is different this time, I am a lot more impatient and just want to meet the little guy in there and start our life as a family of four. I know that after Christmas it will come around in no time though so I am making the most of my time as a mum of one, and of my full nights of sleep!


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