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26 Weeks Pregnant – A Photo And An Update

by Jessica Amey

I am 26 weeks pregnant this week and baby is now the size of a cucumber, although I think it probably means the length of a cucumber!

I am actually having a good day today and feel well but I can’t really say the same for the last two weeks.

The weekly growth scans that I’ve been having because of the possible risks from catching the slapped cheek virus have been going really well and the consultant doesn’t want to see me for three weeks now. She said that if things are still okay at my next scan then I won’t need to be monitored anymore so that is really good news.

I have started getting dizzy spells which I really hate. I have also found that I am having days where I am so anxious that it makes me feel physically ill. I don’t think the dizziness helps as it makes me worry in itself which then fuels the cycle of feeling panicky. My heart will race really fast, I find it hard to concentrate and all my thoughts are overly negative. It’s always been something that I’ve suffered with but I can usually control it. The pregnancy hormones make that a lot more difficult though and I find I am permanently attached to my bottle of Rescue Remedy. It does seem to come in phases however and luckily today I am feeling a lot more positive.

My appetite still comes and goes and I still want to eat lots of sweet things. My favourite things at the moment are toasted tea cakes and scotch pancakes. I am trying to drink more water as I don’t drink enough when I’m not pregnant, let alone when I am. My midwife said I should be drinking ten glasses a day which I do find almost impossible but I am trying as apparently it can help with dizziness.

I am still not overly enjoying being pregnant, I am just really struggling with not feeling myself but I know that after Christmas the weeks will fly by and I am so excited about meeting our little man!

Until then I am really enjoying my favourite part of pregnancy – the wriggles and kicks. He is so active now and I can see my whole tummy moving around which I love but Mr C finds really creepy. I think he has got to be the only man in the world who doesn’t like feeling the baby kick!



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