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6 Healthy Habits for New Year

by Jessica Amey

If you are looking for some healthy habits to help keep you fit this year, you’ve come to the right place! There are some simple things you can do that will help you become healthier and happier. Here are some healthy habits for the New Year that might just make your 2023 one of the best years you’ve had!

Make a hobby a priority
A hobby can be a great way to reduce stress, make new friends and learn about yourself. If you haven’t done it already, make it a priority this year. It’s a small effort that will pay off big time.

A new hobby could also help you get in shape, learn a new language or even improve your brain function. The best part about a new hobby is that it’s fun. Make it a goal to try something new each week, and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

One of the best things about a new hobby is that it is often a solo activity, making it an ideal stress reliever. In addition, it is the perfect way to spend time with your favorite person and get some fresh air.

Plan to Load Your Body Up with Necessary Vitamins & Proteins
Avoiding fatty foods and including more fruit and vegetables in your diet is something that many struggle to achieve. However, doing so will help you load up with more vitamins. Most do not realise that the answer to many of our problems such as fatigue and lack of concentration is simply down to a lack of vitamins and other vital proteins that help with our
dietary system.

One such protein is collagen, and thankfully this is one of the easiest proteins to load up on. Collagen supplements are best absorbed when sourced from whole foods. The best sources include egg whites, beef bone broth, and fish. Fish is particularly good, as it is known to have the best absorption of all collagens.

Another great way to take collagen peptides is by adding them to a smoothie. These powders are tasteless and are easy to mix into hot or cold liquids. If you are interested in testing this out, then SoBodyCo Collagen Powder is a popular brand. You can mix it into your oatmeal, soups, or juices. Mixing collagen peptides with nut butter is another option.
Add in a healthy diet of fruit and veg, and you will begin to notice difference in no time at all.

Get more movement into your day
Adding more movement to your day can make a difference in your health. Getting more exercise throughout your day can boost your energy levels, improve your focus and even increase your productivity.

If you have a traditional office job, it can be difficult to find time for exercise. However, there are a few easy ways you can fit more movement into your day.

Walking is a great way to get more activity into your day. While you are commuting, you can stretch or do some other simple exercises. You can also take advantage of the natural landscape and get some exercise while you’re walking.
Taking the stairs is another good way to add more movement to your day. Set a reminder on your phone or watch to pause every hour and stand up.

Break the cycle of negative thoughts
If you’re feeling depressed or if you’re thinking about giving up, the best way to break the cycle of negative thoughts is to replace them with positive, rational, and realistic thoughts. This can be difficult, but it’s possible with a little help. Here are four simple techniques that can work wonders for you.

First, you should acknowledge that you’re having negative thoughts. You can’t stop them, but you can get yourself out of the cycle. For example, if you’re having a bad day, you can take a break from the world and focus on yourself. After this, try to meditate or do some exercise.

Another thing you can do is to get out into nature. Go out on the beach or just sit outside. Getting away from the stress of your life can give you a fresh perspective on things.

Be more mindful and present
If you want to be more mindful and present in the new year, you’ll need to get in the habit of putting your attention on the moment and being grounded in your body. You can do this through a simple activity such as breathing.

Mindfulness helps you become more aware of your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. It also allows you to understand your feelings and accept changes. As a result, you can live a more peaceful life.

A great way to start practicing mindfulness is to attend a workshop, join a meditation group, or find a book that will help you develop your mindfulness. Once you’ve got a few things under your belt, you can try to do a few minutes of meditation each day. This can be done while you’re doing other things, such as walking or sitting.

Maintain your oral health
The new year is a great time to start improving your health. Many people set goals to get healthier. They may even commit to a new exercise routine or a diet. Having good oral health is another important part of a healthy lifestyle. However, a lot of people neglect their dental hygiene. Luckily, the following tips can help you maintain your oral health and keep your smile looking great in the new year.

Make sure to schedule a regular check-up with your dentist. Not only is this important for maintaining your oral health, but it can help you avoid cavities. A dental exam can also reveal areas of your mouth that need special care.
Brushing your teeth twice a day will help you remove food debris and plaque from your mouth. In addition, it will also lower your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

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