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A Little Thank You!

by Jessica Amey

In May of this year I will have been blogging for two years.

In that time there have been lots of highlights. I’ve made new friends, attended blogging conferences, learnt so much about social media and the blogging world, found a job that involves blogging, been inspired to write and be creative, relied on the support of the blogging community during difficult times such as when Mr C broke his leg or when Cherry wasn’t sleeping, made a little bit of extra cash, received some lovely items to review and found something that I genuinely LOVE doing.

Blogging has become such a big part of who I am, it has given me an identity outside of being a mum, it is a little something for me and that is so important. I have put so much time and effort into my blog and it’s all just because I love writing about my little life. Every comment I receive and every time someone tells me they’ve enjoyed reading something I have written I feel so happy, it honestly is the best feeling and the reason I love blogging so much.

So you can imagine how unbelievably excited I was when I discovered my name on the MADS finalist list. I actually had to check the list five times to make sure it was really me. The MAD blog awards are the UK’s biggest blog awards and they received over 65,000 nominations this year so to have made it as one of the five finalists in my category is something that I am so happy about.

I was also really pleased to see lots of my favourite bloggers on the list. There is Katie and Becky (who I mention below), Lucy from Dear Beautiful who I also class as one of my friends after meeting quite a few times and whose blog is gorgeous, MammyWoo who is a brilliant writer, Heather from Little Tin Bird who has given me some very helpful tips in the comments she’s left me, Lucy from Capture By Lucy who I met last week at the Bristol Blog Summit, she is tall and gorgeous and her blog is awesome and But Why Mummy Why who I am really looking forward to meeting.

I am in the best pregnancy blog category and although I would love to win, being in the final five and getting to attend to awards night in London this September means that I won’t be too disappointed if I don’t.

I am up against Katie who I class as one of my friends, I’ve met her a few times now and she is lovely, plus her blog is one of my favourites, as well as Becky whose blog I also read and who I am really looking forward to meeting. I would be happy for whoever won (plus I hate making speeches!) BUT of course I am going to ask you to vote for me anyway because otherwise, in the words of Cherry, that would just be silly!

I am due to have a baby any day now so I doubt I will remember to keep asking for votes but if you enjoy reading my blog then I would really appreciate it if you can vote for me!

Voting closes on the 26th of March which is the day before my little man is due to arrive!

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