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A Shitty Day

by Jessica Amey

After having a lovely weekend (blog post coming soon), today has been utterly shit.

This unexpected warm weather brought to my attention the fact that we all need some new clothes so I STUPIDLY decided to go clothes shopping with the kids. I know, I know, I can hear you all asking me what on earth I was playing at and all I can say is that I lost my mind for a minute. The sun must have clouded my judgement.

The drive there wasn’t too bad, even though I had to listen to Let It Go on repeat, but by the time I had parked and switched off the engine J had already started screaming. Then as I started lifting the buggy out of the car I felt my back start to feel like it was going to go into spasm. This happened a couple of months ago and it was agony, plus I ended up on the floor unable to move so trying on clothes was out of the question, not like I would have had the chance anyway!

Five minutes later I was regretting my decision. Both the kids were ill all last week and it always seems to take them an extra week to recover during which time they aren’t ill, just really really tired and moany.

shopping one

Cherry who won’t go out wearing anything other than her princess dress at the moment started shouting out how she was hungry and wanted a Princess Elsa doll and I needed a wee so we headed for Marks and Spencer’s. Cherry was getting attention from everyone due to her choice of outfit but she had no idea why it was such a big deal so instead of smiling at all the nice old ladies she would just stare at them with a blank face. Awkward.

Next we made it into the first and only clothes shop. Trying to push a buggy with one-hand, hold Cherry’s hand with my other and steer through the narrow aisles whilst trying to avoid other pushchairs and all Hello Kitty products is a challenge that makes everything on The Cube look easy.

Then the ‘I’m tired’ moans started so we went and sat down to eat some sandwiches before going back to the car where things really took a turn for the worse. J was screaming when I put him in his seat, Cherry started going mad about something to do with her carton of orange juice, the straw wouldn’t stay straight or something. When trying to fold up the pushchair something rolled under the car so I was trying to lean underneath to get it while the kids were going crazy. It wouldn’t have been so bad had there not been a lady in her car next to me with her window open.  She just sat there during the whole thing trying not to notice.

shopping three

I kept my calm though and luckily they both fell asleep on the way home and stayed asleep for an extra hour after pulling up outside out house. This was definitely the calm before the storm because as soon as they woke up the moaning / crying commenced and to make matters worse my back had gone fully into spasm and I couldn’t stand up straight or walk properly.

After a trip upstairs for Cherry to use the toilet I realised I couldn’t get us all down again as I couldn’t lift J so we had to hang out in their bedroom for over an hour waiting for Mr C to get home. Queen Cherry made me listen to Let It Go another fifty times, seriously the girl is obsessed, she’s even started acting like a moody diva. She’s been having total breakdowns because she wants to be Elsa!

shopping two

So yeah all in all a shitty day.

Of course it could have been worse but I like the saying about how not being able to moan because someone’s always got it worse is like not being able to be happy because someone’s always got it better.

There was one point where I just sat back and laughed though. Cherry discovered the multi-language version of Let It Go on Youtube this morning and asked Mr C to put it on for her while I went to have bath. Half an hour later and while I was lying there in my nice bath he was having to listen to it for the 5oth time.

Here’s to a less shitty day tomorrow!

The MADS close in a few days so if you would like to nominate me, in any category you see fit (maybe baby, craft, family fun?), then I would really appreciate it. A night in London away from the kids is very appealing right now!!

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