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And The Baby Is A ……

by Jessica Amey

So we had our 20 week scan today.

It was as surreal and lovely as always and we saw the little baby in there drinking the fluid and doing somersaults. Everything looked fine which was a relief and they did some very funny poses for the camera. If you look closely at the photo above then you can see the hands under the chin which made us all laugh!

We did ask to find out what the sex was and here is the answer…..

I knew it was a boy and I am so happy!

The sonographer explained that she could only tell us if she could see clearly, then after about two minutes she showed us what was very clearly a little willy!

I wasn’t at all surprised as I just knew but it was still an amazing feeling to have it confirmed and I know that Mr C is thrilled!

So Baby number 2 is a little boy and I am so happy and excited!

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