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Bad Habits

by Jessica Amey

I’ve always been one to pick up weird habits, in fact at any given time since a very young age I have had more than one active habit.

I was born sucking my finger and that continued until I was three when I starting sucked my thumb. This is something which can look quite cute on a baby but starts to become increasingly weird as you get older. Whilst sucking my thumb I also had a range of habits while my thumb was in my mouth, such as stroking my nose and playing with my lip or ear.

When I was a little girl I felt like I wasn’t getting enough oxygen so I had to keep on taking really deep breathes.

Then I developed a feeling that my eyes were sticking together so had to keep opening them really wide, this one was actually contagious and at one point my mum and a few of my best friends were doing it too! I do actually still do this one a bit although not nearly as much as I used to.

This led on to a feeling that my fingers were stuck together so I started wiggling them in a certain way and I hate to admit it but I still do this A LOT!

When I was a teenager I also convinced myself that if I thought the opposite of what I wanted to happen then what I actually wanted to happen would happen. Following?! For instance if I wanted to ask my mum for £10 then I would convince myself she would say no in order to make her say yes.

Actually reading all this makes me realise that I am a bit weird but I think all these odd habits stem from the fact that I have always been a fairly anxious person, and possibly a bit of a weirdo!

I have always had slightly obsessive thoughts in my head too regarding disease and death. In the space of about five years I visited my doctor with what I convinced myself was a tumour in my breast, diabetes, eye sight problems, liver disease and various other conditions. Google didn’t help this, the amount of times I thought I was about to die from a brain tumour when in actual fact I just had a headache.

Luckily I am a lot better with this these days but I think that’s only because since having Cherry I am more concerned about her, which leads me on to the point of this blog post. When she was a baby I was terrified she would stop breathing in her sleep so I bought one of the monitors with a sensor mat. It gave me the reassurance that I needed and I was obsessed with checking the green light was still flashing.

I know they say that after the age of one you don’t really need to use them anymore and when I moved Cherry into a bed it would have been the perfect opportunity to stop using it but I didn’t and now at the age of two I still have it under her mattress!

I don’t use the alarm part of it anymore but if I wake up in the night I still check the green light is flashing!

The thing is I know that at some point I need to stop using it, ideally I would keep it forever but with a new baby on the way I should really think about breaking the habit. It’s gonna be hard though!

So come on, own up, what are your weird / bad / obsessive habits?!

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