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Bedding Company Review

by Jessica Amey

We upgraded our bed to a king size a few weeks ago after having a nightmare night with Cherry in the middle of our small double kicking us both in the back while we tried to sleep without falling off the edge.

I’m surprised it took us this long really, especially as we ended up co-sleeping with Iyla for around seven months after she was born. With a new baby due in a couple of weeks and the thought of another small person ending up in our bed we decided it was finally time.

We had the bed sorted but still hadn’t got around to buying a bigger duvet set when I received an email from The Bedding Company asking if I would like to review something from their website.

The timing was perfect so I chose to review the Silentnight Egyptian Cotton Bedding Set which comes with a 10.5 tog duvet, two pillows and a mattress protector all with a pure Egyptian cotton percale cover.

All three products are machine washable (good news due to the two duvets we ended up throwing out after stomach bugs hit our family last year) and non-allergenic.

So did they pass the comfort test?!

I didn’t really think anyone would want to see photos of me in bed so I got Cherry to test them out for me.

She decided that they were very comfortable and I have to say I totally agree. The pillows are just the right thickness and believe me I am VERY fussy about pillows and it is so nice having a duvet that is the right size for the bed. It means no more midnight fighting with Mr C over it!

(photos lost during blog migration)

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