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Cakes and Make-Up Sets

by Jessica Amey

Ever since Cherry was tiny she has seen me carry out two activities on a regular basis.

One of which is putting on make-up, this happens every single morning. The other is making cakes, this doesn’t happen daily (as much as I would like it to!) but it does happen at least twice a week.

As a result Cherry has always been obsessed with cakes and my make-up, there have been a few occasions where I’ve gone to brush my teeth and returned to find her with blusher, foundation and lipstick smeared all over her face.

But not any more!

Now she has her own baking and make-up set.

A little while ago we were chosen as DKL toy reviewers and one of the brands they stock (Wonderworld) sells a fantastic range of wooden toys.

I love wooden toys, they look so much nicer than the plastic alternatives and they seem to last so much longer too.

The baking set goes perfectly with Cherry’s kitchen, she got it for Christmas last year and it was worth every penny as she still plays with it on a daily basis.

The set comes with a shiny metal bowl, rolling pin, whisk, spatula, recipe card, tray and flour box as well as two cakes that are made up from different pieces of material.

Wonderworld Baking Set

Wonderworld Baking Set

We are really impressed with the set and Cherry has loved playing with it, the only negative was that the recipe card, tray and flour box were made out of cardboard. The problem with cardboard is that it gets ripped, the recipe card is fine but the flour box broke pretty quickly. It doesn’t make much different without it but maybe if it was wooden too it would be a bit more practical.

The make-up set includes a mirror, comb, nail varnish, blusher with applicator, eyeshadow with applicator and lipstick that can all be stored in a little bag. Cherry LOVES it.

wooden make up kit

Wonderland wooden make up kit

Wonderland wooden make up kit

Not only does she do her own make-up but she also loves giving us all make-overs too. Poor Tiger is always having his toes painted and when she puts lipstick on him she tells him that it’s okay because it’s ‘blue’!

It’s interesting as when Cherry was younger I always tried to make sure she had all types of toys to play with but she naturally went towards make-up and pretend cake-baking. J on the other hand is always going towards fairy wands and pink hairbrushes!

Wonderworld sell a huge range of toys, if you go to the DKL website then you will find a link to the full catalogue.

Disclaimer: We were sent these toys free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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