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Can I Have Some Crapstack?!

by Jessica Amey

I started writing down all the funny things Cherry says a few months ago as I knew I would just forget them if I didn’t.

The last list I posted included lines such as ‘Stand On Your Knees And Eat Your Bloody Cake’ and now I am back with the next installment.

‘Hello gorgeous’Picked up from the Chipmonks movie

‘Cut my Tony nails’(Toenails)

‘You’re not the best Mummy, you’re just the boss. I’m the best’

The monsters are coming, they’re wearing your make-up!

‘You are a very good girl Daddy’

‘My tummy is mooing’

‘Daddy, I killed your carrots last night’

‘Look there’s a spider Mummy, can I paint it?’

‘Mummy, do you think about eggs?’

‘That was really trippy!’

‘Can I Have Some Crapstack?’(Flapjack)

‘Hope me’ – (Help me)

‘It’s not a turd in there, it’s a surprise’

Me – ‘I’m going to have a bath’   /    Cherry – ‘Don’t do a poo in it’

On stalling the car – ‘MUMMY STALLED THE CAR, HA HA HA HA HA’

‘Is my beautiful dinner ready?’(Fishfingers and chips)

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