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Can’t We Just Stay And Dance?

by Jessica Amey

Last Sunday we had planned to attend a vintage car show (obviously not my idea!) but luckily our friend phoned on Saturday night asking if we wanted tickets to Beautiful Days Festival instead. It’s a small festival near Exeter and has won awards for being family friendly so it sounded like a much more fun (for all the family) option.

We only went for the day as I’m not quite brave enough to attempt camping with a toddler and a baby yet but festivals are definitely on our to do list next Summer so it was interesting to have a little taster and to see what Cherry would make of it.

And let’s just say she absolutely loved it!

It really is a great festival for families as it’s small and they don’t over fill it so you can push a buggy round easily, sit down near the main stage and buy food / drink without queueing. They also have a kids field which has craft tents, trampolines and rides which also didn’t have any queues at all, it wasn’t quiet, it just wasn’t too busy.

I took Cherry down a helter skelter, we went down on the same mat and I can’t believe how fast we went, I had to keep my eyes shut!

She loved checking out all the weird and wonderful things that were lurking around the festival, she was fascinated by this freaky looking cat!

And she loved wearing her wellies and stomping around the site.

One of the stalls let you pay a pound to throw things at old crockery, thought this was a fab idea!

We had a great day, the only downside for me was that the music was a bit rubbish. It was mainly people I hadn’t heard of such as Steve Harley, anyone know who that is?! This didn’t bother Cherry though and the first band who started playing (no idea what they were called) caught her attention straight away and led to her dancing and jumping around.

Tiger was also well behaved as he seems to love being outdoors all day.

We were there for nearly 12 hours and on leaving Cherry asked why we couldn’t all just ‘stay and dance’!

I’m not really looking forward to when they are a little bit older and we can take them for their first Glasto experience!

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