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‘Chocolate Tablets Make Us Not Stressed’

by Jessica Amey

It’s been a little while since the last post listing all of the funny things Cherry says so this one is  bit longer than normal.

I haven’t looked at it for a while and had forgotten everything on it so it’s had me in hysterics this morning!

‘We’d better change my trousers. They’re filthy and juicy’

‘Daddy where are your contact lasers?’ (contact lenses)

‘Shall we play I spy, have you any eyes?’

‘I haven’t got any plates to sell’

‘If you give me a yoghurt, I will shut up and you will win’

‘Daddy if you’re a good boy you can have some ham’

‘I’m just gonna pay £50 got these seagulls’

‘You’ve got blood pressure on your cheeks’

‘Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his satellite cat’

‘This is perfectly amazing here’

‘This suncream is wild’

Me – ‘Jobey just puked again’
Iyla – ‘This day is ruined’ 

I’m mudging Cinderella on my pizza’ (I believe she meant mozzarella!)

‘Stop painting me with your dribble Tony’ (Tony is what she likes to call J for some reason!)

‘Noddy’s got Spanish teeth’

Noddy just said moo because I have him some calpol’ (I think she think’s it’s COW-POL!)

‘My whole face is like a chunk of cucumber’ 

‘Chocolate tablets make us not stressed’

‘I want to marry Noddy’

‘Stop being an arse-end’ (She might have heard me saying arsehole, whoops)

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