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Did You Know You Need To Change Your Vacuum Cleaner Filters?!

by Jessica Amey

Now, if you, unlike me, know this already then just ignore what I am about to say!

I recently discovered something (well Mr C recently discovered something) that led to me almost squealing with excitement. He had been using our vacuum (for the first time in ten years) to hoover up some dust that had covered our carpet during some DIY that he had been carrying out. After about five minutes the hoover made a noise and stopped working.

In my pregnant state, I nearly started crying about this as my hoover is my favourite piece of cleaning equipment but he insisted that he could fix it and started emptying it all out. After pulling out all the filters and going outside to bang them on the wall, he gave it back to me and it was like new.

Now I know that the instructions say something about filters but I just stupidly never realised how important it actually was to make sure they were properly maintained.

If you were also unaware of this fact then I have a guest post for you all about when to change your vacuum filters!

In any family home, if you have a vacuum cleaner then you automatically think your cleaning worries are banished. After all, these devices are designed to get rid of dirt and grime from your floors and the last thing you’re likely to consider is whether or not they need cleaning themselves.

 It can be hard to know when you need to change your filters; a messy job which many mums are loathed to complete. Yet for those with this type of vacuum it is necessary – so how often should you change them and what with?

 When should I change my filters?

 When your filters in your vacuum cleaner need to be changed, you vacuum won’t pick up dirt and dust that is lying around as well. This really relies on you knowing your vacuum cleaner well in order to be able to note when the suction has changed.

 If you don’t really notice that the suction of your cleaner has changed, another way that you can tell if your vacuum cleaner filters need to be changed is by an alteration in the noise of the motor of your vacuum. This is often an indicator that filters need changing.

 Of course, it is still recommended that you change filters regularly – following instruction from your vacuum cleaner manufacturer – but being able to identify when it is absolutely necessary could keep costs low.

 Different types of filter:

 1. Stage – These filters have several sections to them to ensure that they really filter out any dust and dirt. They are brilliant for a deep clean and can have up to seven layers in order to help keep your home dust free.

 2. HEPA – HEPA filters are arguably the most common type of vacuum filter and are great for allergy sufferers as they pick up the tiniest allergen particles and remove them.

 3. Charcoal – Charcoal filters are great for if you have pets as they help to get rid of odours. This means that they can remove the smell that often can linger if you have a pet.

 4. MicroFresh – MicroFresh filters have a specific chemical in them to help prevent the growth of fungi and algae. They are a great way to ensure that your vacuum filters do not become infected by anything and do not start to smell.

Replacing your vacuum cleaner filters can seem daunting, but if you understand what is available and when to change them, there is no reason for this to be the case.

So there we are! If you haven’t ever changed your filters then go give it a try and I promise you will be squealing with excitement while cleaning your floors!

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