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Family Holidays

by Jessica Amey

Before becoming a parent the idea of visiting Butlin’s for a weekend at Christmas time would have had me running for the hills, but when you have a toddler that needs entertaining it suddenly becomes rather appealing.

Toddlers are hard work, they have very short attention spans, need constant entertainment and if they don’t get their own way then they are prone to lying on the floor and screaming. This can be rather embarrassing when surrounded by people who don’t have kids themselves, not to mention not very relaxing, so family holiday destinations like Butlin’s all of a sudden become a top choice because you know there will be other parents in a similar situation.

Last year we did actually visit Butlin’s at Christmas. We stayed in the Shoreline Hotel which is located on the Bognor Regis resort and it was a great place to stay with a toddler. The room was separated into two sleeping areas, Iyla was in a cot but they also had bunk beds for older kids. The rooms had safety covers on the plug sockets and it was clear that a lot of thought had been put into making it suitable for kids which is a big relief when staying away from home.

Cherry was only one at the time but there was still lots for her to do. She went on the rides…

Played in the ball pit..

Played with Daddy in the hotel play area…

And enjoyed looking at all the Christmas decorations…

Obviously the older they get, the more there is to do. I think Butlin’s is great because you know that your kids are guaranteed to have a good time, and happy kids make for happy parents!

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