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Ghosts, Vomit and Little Houses

by Jessica Amey

This weekend we went to stay in some 18th century cottages on a gorgeous estate in Wimborne, Dorset.

Mr C’s mum arranged it as she has a holiday home in Spain and managed to do a house swap. The setting was amazing as the estate was just off Wimborne high street meaning that you went from being in a busy town centre to the middle of a field in two minutes.

The weekend was a typical family holiday and involved car sick toddlers, crying babies and arguing parents but it was so nice to get away and Cherry had an absolutely amazing time!

 As did this little guy who got to share a massive bed with me while Mr C shared with Cherry, who kept booting him in the back all night!

 We went for walks..

Went to the beach and ate fish and chips, which I thought I didn’t like but decided that actually I really do!

The only downside was the fact the weather was so rubbish.

The cottages were really lovely and had been decorated in so much white that they didn’t feel at all spooky which is a good thing as anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I heard an old lady singing at 2am on the first night. Then on the next night I heard exactly the same thing at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME! If that wasn’t spooky enough, it was followed by Cherry waking up screaming about a hand with fingers coming down out of the loft hatch, she has woken up a couple of times in the middle of the night at home before but never saying anything like that.

I totally believe in ghosts though and houses that old are bound to have had things happen in them so I guess it’s to be expected!

We had a great weekend and have now been on our first holiday with two kids, good job we weren’t flying though as with the amount of luggage we had it would have cost us a fortune!

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