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Sometimes Girls Will Be Girly

by Jessica Amey

A little while ago I realised that I was guilty of assuming Cherry wanted to wear lots of pink and play with typically ‘girly’ toys.

It was never a conscious decision as I’m not really that girly myself, I just did it without thinking.

However, following my realisation, I made a real effort to try and balance things out by making sure she always had others options available to her. I bought her some typically ‘boyish’ toys such as cars and tools and now she is a old enough to pick out the clothes she likes, I let her look in both sections.

Despite my best efforts though, she just isn’t interested in anything that isn’t girly.

The only exception was last week when she chose a pair of blue monster pyjamas over some purple butterfly ones, but to be fair the butterfly ones were horrible so I may have really sold the monster ones to her. When we got home she asked me to take them back but after I drew her lots of monsters and told her how cool they were, she decided she liked them.

It’s like it is just built in her to like pretty things and mother her dolls, she cooks for them, washes them, reads them stories and puts them to sleep. She tucks them up on the sofa with her so they are ‘cosy and comfortable’ and she has to line them all up beside her when she goes to bed.

She kisses everything, calls things cute, loves flowers and loves pretending to make cake. She asks to wear pretty dresses and always wants to look in the mirror afterwards. She has even started asking me to file her nails when she sees me doing mine.

I will always let her lead the way when it comes to what she wants to do and wear (within reason!), as she is her own person and as her parent it’s my job to support that. Of course some of it she will learn from me, like filing her nails, but at the end of the day it is silly for me to try and encourage her to play with cars when she doesn’t have any interest in them.

She is just naturally girly and I don’t think that it’s a bad thing, as long as it’s her choice.

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