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Girls Have Got Bum Bums and Boys Are Messy

by Jessica Amey

I started writing down the funny things that Cherry says a few months ago as I knew I would forget them, I have shared them with you a couple of times before…

Stand on Your Knees and Eat Your Bloody Cake


Can I Have Some Crapstack?!

I now have enough of a list for the 3rd installment.

Here it is…

‘My toast has got another bit of skank on it’

‘I’ve got a hole in my eye’

‘Turning up the beats’

‘Do you remember red?’

‘Is that your armbow?’ – Elbow

After pulling my slippers off and chucking them across the floor… ‘I’m bored of those bloody slippers’

‘I need some natural trousers’

‘I want to call the baby Dodo’

‘Daddy, could you wipe my favourite mouth?’

‘What’s that?’ (pointing at my belly button piercing hole) ‘That’s where I used to have my belly button pierced’ ‘Oh yes, that’s your belly bum pit’

‘It’s a deal, it’s a steal’

‘Girls have got bum bums and boys are messy’

‘We didn’t buy any pepper and some new nappy bags for me, what a bugger’

‘Come on Daddy, let’s go and play in my special tea party shop’

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