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Having A Clear Out To Raise Some Funds

by Jessica Amey

If you follow my blog then you will know I have just spent my weekly food budget on a caravan that I am planning to turn into an office.

It was a bit silly really as I couldn’t afford it but it was a bargain and I just couldn’t not buy it. It does need totally renovating though so I am going to be having a bit of a clear out to raise some funds.

As I don’t think we will be having any more children I have been selling all of the baby stuff as soon as Tiger grows out of it. I sell a lot of it on Facebook groups as people can come and collect and you don’t have to worry about posting.

Anything that doesn’t sell on there I usually stick on eBay unless I don’t think it will sell for more than 99p in which case I give it to a charity shop. By the time you’ve packaged anything up that sold for 99p and then taken it to the post office, it gets to the stage where it’s just not worth the hassle.

I am also about to send all my old DVDs off to Ziffit. We had a massive pile of them that we were never planning to watch again and although we aren’t getting much for them, it’s better than nothing. You can also sell them your old books, games and CDs. All you do is enter the barcode to get the price then package them up and use the free courier service. If you want to sell anything with them then if you do it in the next 24 hours you will earn an extra 15%, just click the link above.

Our house is getting a bit cramped now as we only have two bedrooms so anything that is old or doesn’t get used anymore is not going to be hanging around for long!

Post in association with Ziffit.

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