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He’s Not My Brother. Chuck Him In The Bin

by Jessica Amey

It’s time for another installment of Cherry’s rather amusing one-liners.

The birth of Tiger seems to have been her inspiration for quite a lot of these!

Here goes…

Do you want some spicy cake with soft and colourful seeds on?!

Would you like a juice kiss daddy?

Shall I make you a cheese sandwich with noodles and cream?

It’s going to be Summer in minute.

I’ve got a static head!

Take your jumper off daddy, it’s not even cold.

Where’s Tiger? He’s got a willy.

I’d better follow that tomato.

I real might go to bed in half a minute.

Cherry – Pick up Tiger, he’s crying. Me – Ahh is it making you sad? Cherry – No, it’s annoying.

Pointing at my boobs while I’m breastfeeding Tiger – He’s getting dinner out of that side and milk out of that one!

Grannies are stinky aren’t they?

Tiger is bloody rubbish. He’s not my new brother, chuck him in the bin.

Can you fix it fix it muh ner muh ner mix it?

Rip his feet off and get your boob off him – when she’s being mean to Tiger.

Ahh it’s okay Tiger Wan Kenobi / Little Man – when she’s being nice to Tiger!

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